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Friday, April 20, 2018

Joe Theismann Crushes ‘Vindictive’ John Riggins for Dan Snyder Remarks

Joe_TheismannThe Redskins have become a certifiable mess, and a lot of it starts at the top with owner Dan Snyder. The team is 2-5 this year despite having spent plenty of money on their talent, and the fans are unhappy, as is ownership. Former player John Riggins recently had his radio show canceled on Snyder’s station WTEM in D.C., and he’s responded with some harsh, critical rants about Snyder and head coach Jim Zorn. Riggins’ criticism, while humorous and biting, came across to many as excessive. Count former Skins QB Joe Theismann as one who isn’t on board with Riggins’ criticism, as he told the 2 Live Stews on Sporting News Radio:

“John’s not outspoken about this football team, John’s just decided to attack people personally, and I think he is way out of line. I don’t agree with his opinions. I think it’s vindictive, I think it’s downright harsh, and I think John speaks specifically for himself.

John thinks he’s representing the fanship, but I don’t believe he is. The Redskin fans are frustrated — this football team has not achieved anywhere near what I think the fans believed they were capable of doing. But to attack the owner and say the things about the owner that he said, to attack the coach and say the things that he said about the coach, seemed purely motivated in one mean-spirited way, and I don’t agree with it.”

Even though Riggins’ rants have received plenty of play across the airwaves for their entertainment value, it’s nice to hear a different legend call Riggins out for his inappropriate behavior. People have learned that screaming and yelling and making outlandish remarks will get you on TV (thanks, ESPN), but it doesn’t earn you the respect of anyone. Riggins doesn’t have mine or Theismann’s respect for what he’s done. No doubt the Redskins are in bad shape and a lot of it is due to the ownership, but there’s no reason to go about the criticism in the manner that Riggins has.

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