Mike McCarthy yelled at Aaron Rodgers during sideline argument

Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers got into it on the sidelines during the second quarter of the Green Bay Packers’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Mike McCarthy Aaron RodgersThe Packers started off the game down 14-0, but they caused four straight turnovers to get back in the game. They were down 14-13 upon causing the fourth turnover, which gave them the ball at the Cincinnati 21. Despite getting a first down and 5-yard penalty for defensive holding, the Packers only settled for a field goal. They ran six offensive plays yet were unable to score, and McCarthy may have been upset with Rodgers for pulling the ball down and trying to run for a touchdown on a scramble on 3rd and 3. Rodgers was pushed out of bounds at the one, leaving the Packers to settle for a go-ahead field goal.

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There may have been some disagreements about the playcalling or Rodgers’ decisions on the possessions, but Green Bay turned it around after halftime by driving for touchdowns on their first two possessions of the third quarter. They ended up losing 34-30.

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  • Mike Charron

    McCarthy is an A Hole. If it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers he would’ve never coached a Super Bowl team and would most likely have never coached a Playoff Team. He would’ve been the 2nd coming of Ray Rhodes. Can you imagine being able to coach a team with Brett Favre then Aaron Rodgers as your QB’s. I think maybe this management team might want to have a little more to show for it than 1 Super Bowl win in what 7 or 8 years. This is what they rode Mike Sherman out of town for.

  • TN

    Rodgers is a cry baby, always was. And this proves what we always thought about him! Packer fans, go home and cry about your crappy start!

  • TN

    1 SB makes Rodgers great? Get real, there’s plenty of other QB’s with more SB that don’t act like the world owes them something. Rodgers thinks he is a primadonna but he’s nothing more than a whinny little baby!

  • Brewcrew00

    There are at least 25 teams who would love the cry baby including all the teams from the central division.

  • Marcus Giegerich

    Anybody that knows anything about McCarthy knows that he is anything but an A-hole. He’s one of the most upstanding coaches in the NFL and the dude actually gives a damn about his players. He and Rodgers exchanged words on the sideline. Nobody threw punches, nobody dissed anybody in the media. This isn’t a big deal.