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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Roy Williams Sues Ex-Girlfriend Brooke Daniels, Wants Engagement Ring Back

Roy Williams is a proud man. If you didn’t already know that before last season, you probably learned it when he became extremely pissed off that a rookie refused to carry his shoulder pads at training camp.  When you take that into consideration, you might suspect that he would not be a fan of having his proposal rejected by his girlfriend — as no man would be.  However, Williams has slightly more reason to be upset than the average reject.

According to the Odessa American via Pro Football Talk, Williams is suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly turning down his marriage proposal and keeping the $76,600 engagement ring he sent her.  Williams claims that his ex-girlfriend and former beauty pageant winner, Brooke Daniels, said she lost the ring when he asked that she return it.  Brooke’s father, Michael Daniels, says he has the ring in his possession and plans to return it to avoid a lawsuit but that Williams is lying about her having lost it.  Michael told the Odessa American that Williams told Brooke to keep the ring because she would “eventually come back to (him).”

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad, but if you know anything about me you know the former is what’s going on while I type this post.  My question is how does something like this work?  If you give someone an engagement ring to someone and they refuse to marry you, is it still their ring?  Is there some sort of legal binding between the actual ring and engagement?  Part of me wishes Daniels would keep the ring so we could see how the court rules.  Damn.

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