Tomlinson Getting Hurt Helped SD

After Darren Sproles took the swing pass from Rivers for a touchdown, and Turner ran for 70 yards as an injury sub, the issue became prevalent. My Dad inferred that maybe it wasn’t all LT — maybe it’s the Chargers’ line. I’m not so sure about that since Tomlinson has been doing it for like 7 years with different lines in front of him and no passing game to work with, but there’s something to be said about the way the Chargers played without Tomlinson against Indy. Brian Baldinger made a bold statement on the radio this week saying the Chargers were better off and helped by Tomlinson getting hurt. On the surface that sort of comment is ludicrous; how could last year’s MVP leaving a game improve the team? Then you start to realize that maybe the defense dropped a few men out of the box to defend the pass and that Sproles made a play LT wouldn’t have, allowing San Diego to win the game.

Sure the Chargers are probably better off with LT in the lineup, but just remember that when he’s not out there, it’s not like the team is only lining up 10 players — the Chargers have many other players who can capably fill the holes. That’s probably why we’ve seen the Giants be successful without Jeremy Shockey; Eli’s been looking at Amani Toomer as his secondary target and Toomer’s made plays. Yes, San Diego will be hard-pressed to win if Rivers, Gates, and LT are banged up, but they won’t be out of it. Just remember that the Chargers probably wouldn’t have won last weekend if their MVP hadn’t been hurt. And as weird as it initially sounds, it actually makes sense.

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  • Gene

    I still believe LT is overrated. He is a GREAT back, but when people start putting him in the class with Walter Peyton, Barry Sanders and my personal pick as the best of all time, Jim Brown, I question it.

    LT does run behind a great line, just as did Emmitt Smith in Dallas. It makes it a bit easier to gain yardage that way.

    However, as you’ve also pointed out, he appears to be a great guy when things are going well, but has a tendency to lose his cool and class when they aren’t.

    I would never to as far as that columnist to say that the Chargers are better off without him.

  • kevin

    First off, L.T. has run behind some crappy lines. Calling him overrated is stupid, he has done things Barry Sanders could never do. He scores more touchdowns than all of those backs and he is one of two backs to gain at least 1200 yards through the first seven years of their careers. He also catches more passes and even throws some. So calling him overrated is not thinking correctly.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Sometimes weird things happen when games go differently than the teams plan on. Like when a back up Qb comes in & plays well & the underdog team wins. The opponent likely never looked at much tape of the back up so they were less prepared. and when a team gets a big lead and changes the defense or the team that is behind scraps the game plan and starts slinging it (Colts over Pats last year in playoffs and San Fran over the Giants in the playoffs a few years back). It is like a Karate expert getting in a fight in a bar with a Drunk Brawler. Every once in a while the Brawler lands a knockout shot.