Video: Brandon Marshall Planned a White Glove/Black Panther Touchdown Celebration, Stokley Saved the Penalty

Brandon Marshall isn’t exactly the sharpest crayon in the box. You might remember he hurt his arm in the offseason slipping on a McDonald’s bag … so he says. He’s also been known to celebrate wins by going out and getting DUIs. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t surprised to see that he was about to execute a pre-planned touchdown celebration late in the 4th quarter of the Broncos/Browns game. The Broncos had just scored the go-ahead touchdown and left the Browns little over a minute on the clock to come back. A 15-yard penalty for celebrating the touchdown definitely would have hurt Denver’s chances of keeping Cleveland out of the end zone. Luckily Brandon Stokley was sharp enough to realize the game was too close to mess around with celebrations and convinced Marshall to hold off on his plan. The move paid off. So what would we have seen if Stokley never stopped him? Marshall explained after the game:

Just like Brandon Marshall … always using his head and putting the team first. Why am I not surprised? I can’t imagine what his teammates would have done if he had cost them 15 yards in that close of a game. Time and place, Brandon. Time and place.

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  • Matt

    Why is it ok for this guy to go on tv and publicly talk about a racist group and nothing be down about it. The last I checked Don Imus got fired for racist comments, but because this guy is black it is perfectly acceptable. It disgust me to watch and let these supposed reporters let this go on.

  • Trevor

    it is the same reason there is able to be a “black entertainment television” but not a white. its the same reason white people can be publicly humiliated on TV and there are no problems. people say they want to see a grey nation well where is it? The elections are not supposed to be about black power marshall, it is supposed to be about america. and for you to claim that raising a black panther fist is for ALL america then you assume we are stupid.

  • lou

    There’s America and then there’s Black America. I’m tired of hearing blacks’ excuses of being oppressed and discriminated against. If you don’t like your circumstances, get off your butt, study, work hard and do something constructive with your life. Use Barack Obama as your model but please stop blaming the white man for your problems. …and show a little patriotism for your country (Josh Howard you idiot). What I hated about the recent election is that one couldn’t criticize Obama without being labeled a rascist. Blacks better get use to the reality that criticism and intense scrutiny comes with the President’s job. I predict racial relations will go way downhill in the next 4 years because whites are going to get tired of blacks pulling out the race card over and over again.

  • John

    Um, these comments are troubling. I thought I heard him say it wasn’t about black power or white power but about Unity. That Olympic moment in ’68 was about having self confidence and defiance towards inequality. I gathered that his spin was that this was a new day and a black/white glove symbolized a new spirit of letting go of racial differences and hang ups and moving forward in America. Guess you guys don’t see the world that way.

    Although his timing was completely wrong, I admired his thought. Marshall needs to remember like the post said, Time and Place…

    And Imus was fired for a series of derogatory remarks and one last one that was just plain hateful. Also as a man of the media, he should have conducted himself better.

    I also don’t remember hearing one thing about handouts.

    Last comment. “White” Entertainment Television is the equivlent of mainstream media, i.e. every OTHER channel. C’mon let’s not fool ourselves. Turn on a TV and the majority of the television shows movies, etc. feature white people. Just because there is a television channel (which isn’t even that great btw) whose target market is black folks doesn’t make it racist. That’s just silly. Just like Telemundo is not racist against non spanish speaking people or all the other cable television channels geared towards a specific racial demographic are not racists.

  • barry….

    the only problem here is his ego. it has nothing to do with race. whoa, you all sound like you still have that good ol’ boy mentality, especially lou. listen, you have never walked around this country in black skin so you would never know what it feels like to be discriminated against or treated differently. sure, blacks of this generation never endured anything close to what they experienced in the civil rights time period and slavery. but there are still plenty of racist people out there who treat everyday black people with resentment, as if they own the country. you may not be like that and may not understand why people are…that is the challenge we face today with race relations. bottom line is, barack obama has the best ideas that a president has ever had, and if you dont believe that, then you are not listening to what he is saying, you are just looking at the color of his skin. NOT ONLY BLACK PEOPLE rejoiced the day the man was elected, i saw whites and people of all races and colors with tears in their eyes. we have come far as a nation, since the days of the opressed. brandon marshall was doing nothing to offend anyone in any way, except maybe his own team by getting the 15 yard penalty. But luckily, his teammates were smarter than him by not allowing him to. all brandon needs to do is just be happy and stop rubbing it in. we know who won. hes our president for the next 4, maybe 8 years.

  • Michelle

    What he did may not be as racist as Don Imus, however I do agree that it would have been wrong if he would have celebrated in this way. Since Obama’s election, alot of african american’s believe this is what they needed to get what they deserve and its perfectly okay to do and say what they want. Well alot of African American around my age and younger lived no different of a life than white people, you cant use what ancestors did years before we were all here, cause if that was the case every Jewish person should hate me because of my heritage. ( sounds kind of crazy doesnt it). Yes there is a freedom of speech admendment and that is what the player would have been doing, but because he is black nothing will or would have been done about it, had it been a white person standing up and making or acting out a racially motivated comment then it would have been racist. I ask you what is the difference?
    Since the elections I have had to hear all kinds of racial jokes about whites, but if I were to say one about blacks there would be consequenses. The TV is not programed toward White entertainment, and who ever thinks that is a fool! The last time I checked the Black Panthers were not an American equality movement, it was a movement to join african americans in black power. If you want to show unity in America than its plain and simple find a symbol or action that is unique, stay away from anything that has to do with any group associated with any race.

    Final comment: I guess since this election we are now seeing that racial hatred is still alive and well, and always has been. And there is no one race keeping another race down, You only keep yourself down, the sooner people realize this the better off we will all be!

  • Trevor

    ugh im pretty sure if a white person made fun of a black person theyd get assaulted by the naacp… but for some reason it is tottaly fine for chappele to rag on white people for bein nerdy or what ever else will get a laugh. honestly i don’t care because its funny, but there is deffinately a double standard. it is a fact that black people get away with more than white people. if you want to argue that you are blinded by prideful ignorance.

  • Trevor

    and last comment because this is sickening to me. i live in a prodominately black part of town and for the most part i am shunned from their groups because i am white…. so dont tell me i dont know what its like to be pushed aside because of skin collor. lastly , whether or not obama’s plan is the right one , is subjective. but yea there were black and white people crying together which is good, but for what reason? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCMcv1VF4uQ

    i personally have no problem with any one. i have a problem with the way people treat me. If a white person says something offensive to me ill be just as mad as if a black person said it. so if we wana get rid of racism how about getting rid of the double standard. equal rights aren’t special rights. and if u say i care about obamas skin color you are wrong because HE IS HALF WHITE. i dont support him taxing the working class more, i dont support him for wanting to make soldiers who have died for a purpose have died for now reason. once again the race card is thrown however, can we not even not vote for a black president with out being accused of being racist?!

  • Michelle

    I to live in a prodominintly black part of town, and I voted for Obama, but I can guarantee you that it had nothing to do with the color of his skin, (to vote that way is assinine). The sadest thing to all of this is that people like barry use their color as a way to play the race card and it is sickining. I dont agree with oppression, and never did, but we dont live then and oppression went out the window a long time ago. Furthormore I also believe that is was a white man who freed the slaves! To still use those reasons so many years later is just stupid. There are all kinds of racism, if your heavy, skinny, gay, old, ect…But its okay for my kids to walk down the street and be called honkey, cracker ect… and if my kids retaliate by using the n-word, oreo,ect…I have angry parents knocking on my door. Yet there is no double standard! Just in case you didnt know calling a white person a cracker is just a offensive and using the N-word

  • JH

    I think marshall should have done the celebration. It would have made a statement and in a time like this, i think these societal and cultural statements are more important than a football game.
    who knows. maybe even with the 15yrd penalty they would still win
    my thoughts:

  • SpinMax

    maybe as a gesture of support for Osama, Marshall should write a check for about a million dollars
    to the gov’t as a protest against the Bush tax cuts he’s enjoyed the last few years.