Michelle Wie Is Forgetful, Regretful

Just when it looked like Michelle Wie might actually do something productive on the LPGA tour, she goes out and flubs it all up with a bone-headed move. Ms. Wie last graced the pages here at LBS because of the news that she was dating former Stanford basketball star Robin Lopez. Prior to that, it was for withdrawing from an event and then later pulling out of one because of a wrist injury. In addition to withdrawing and pulling out of tournaments, Wie has now found a way to get disqualified, too.

Wie told reporters that after she finished her round Friday, she left the tent just above the ninth green where players sign their scorecards. She was chased down by volunteers working in the tent, who pointed out she hadn’t signed.

Wie returned to the tent and signed the card, and “I thought it would be OK,” she said.

But Wie, according to Witters, had already walked outside the roped-off area around the tent. At that point, the mistake was final, Witters said.

Witters said she and other tour officials didn’t learn about the mistake from volunteers until well after Wie teed off Saturday morning, so they let her finish the round.

And for such a dumb move, she was disqualified. Too bad since she was second after three rounds and really had a chance to do something huge — like actually win a tournament. Oh man, what could have been.

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  • SpinMax

    No matter how many tournaments she ends up winning in the next 10 years she’s not gonna get the love.

  • Gene

    What a wonderful job her parents did of raising this young woman to be a well-rounded, well adjusted young woman!!!!

  • Ronald

    She was on her way, now she just has to do it again and actually sign the scorecard!

  • http://averagegolfer1.blogspot.com/2008/07/does-fedex-cup-really-matter.html Bob Brancato

    She should have been DQ’d, but it’s a stupid rule. Who there didn’t know what she shot, except maybe her?

  • http://www.thebrianspeer.com Brian Speer

    That is too bad, but it seems she is really not all that into the tournament if she is flip flopping all the over the place.