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Friday, June 22, 2018

Bode Miller reportedly files two paternity suits; his wife and another girl are both currently pregnant

Nobody can ever accuse Bode Miller of lacking fertility.

According to a report from TMZ, the Olympic skier and gold medal winner has filed two paternity suits to establish custody with two separate women.

One of the suits involves a woman named Sara McKenna, who is currently pregnant and due in February. Miller is seeking joint legal and physical custody of the soon-to-be-born boy.

The other suit involves a woman named Chanel Johnson, who has a 4-year-old daughter. Miller claims to be the father and is hoping to establish joint and physical custody, as well as child support payments.

bode morgan millerBut here’s the big thing: Miller married his wife (pictured), volleyball player Morgan Beck (now Miller), in October, and she is currently pregnant and due in August. Yeah, there’s a lot going on here.

Apparently Miller was trying to distance himself from McKenna while he was with Morgan.

On her Twitter account, McKenna, who bills herself as a firefighter, ex-Marine, and model, claims that Miller wouldn’t acknowledge his child. The same day that Miller announced on his Twitter account that he was engaged to Morgan, McKenna posted a sonogram of her baby and included Miller in her tweet.

Here’s the tweet from Miller announcing his engagement on Sept. 17:

And here’s McKenna on the same day sharing a sonogram of her and Bode’s son, who is due in February:

Bode wrote back to McKenna saying, “there should be a mental health qualification for being allowed to participate in mass media #crazy” before deleting the tweet. McKenna captured evidence of it.

McKenna fired back at Miller:

McKenna also says Miller held off on announcing his engagement for over a month in order to cover up that he had impregnated another woman.

Based on McKenna’s February 14 due date, she likely conceived in mid-May. McKenna says Miller was engaged as early as August, which means there were only three months between him sleeping with another woman, and proposing to his current wife.

What a mess. At least it looks like Miller is trying to address everything now the proper way.

Here’s what McKenna looked like in late September when she was five months pregnant:

sara mckenna

Photos: Twitter/Sara McKenna; Instagram/Morgan Beck

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