High School Girl Crowned Homecoming Queen, Kicks Winning Field Goal in Same Night

If Hollywood pooled its top writers together, they couldn’t have put together a better script than this. High school senior Brianna Amat kicked the winning field goal for Pinckney High in Michigan Friday night, the same night she learned she had won homecoming queen.

Amat is a star player on the school’s soccer team, and she began kicking for the football team after telling her soccer coach that she wanted to kick for the football team as well. She’s made four field goals and seven extra points on the year, but none were bigger than the one she made Friday night.

Amat nailed a career-best 31-yard field goal in the third quarter against Grand Blanc to make it 9-7. Her field goal wound up being the winning kick as Pinckney knocked off the No. 7 team in the state. But the story doesn’t end there.

Before kicking the winning field goal, Amat was called out of the team’s locker room during halftime. To her surprise, she was crowned homecoming queen during the game.

It’s a story you can watch in the video above, or probably in a movie theater in a few years. Amat should also be reminded that her career doesn’t have to end after high school; some colleges are willing to try out female kickers. If Amat can improve on her distance, she could take her “kicking queen” act to the next level. If she does, we know she’ll be a hit.

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  • Anonymous

    You ROCK!!!!!!  Beauty, brains and sports ability.  It just doesn’t get much better than this young lady.  What a role model and inspiration for our young women.  Keep on doing what you do best!!!!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Henman/100001237931469 Tim Henman

    I couldn’t have said it any better than GreenEyedLady63 and I completely agree.  Way to go Brianna.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allen-Pew/100000846397717 Allen Pew

    That’s so cool!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that’s my little girl in 14 years.

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  • Anonymous

    She already kicks better than West Virginia University’s kicker/punter.

  • Anonymous

    She could get a free ride at West Point, or one of the other Service Academies. I once say a documentary where the West Point admissions committee was hearing brief summaries on files of women who were being considered for admission.  One file summary said that she was the starting goalie for her high school’s State champion hockey team.  The reader paused amd paused, then added for the boys.  She was enthusiastically admiited without further discussion of her file.

    I graduated from West Point 30 yeas ago; my classmates and others now run the place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diane-Miller/1162400795 Diane Miller

    she is a  beautiful girl i could see why she was voted homecoming queen,she seems like a all around american girl what more can you ask for beauty,sincerty, go getter,and a good athlete.i wish her the best in her future endeavers.God bless you Brianna

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YPIT2PX4ZO6W5PONH3WXAAHRVA Mary

    Wow; and they say girls cant  play football!!!! If a girl trys to play here in Bracken Co. KY. she will keep the bench warm. I am so very proud of this girl… way to go

  • Anonymous

    put her on the line a 300 pound guy will put her where she belongs.

  • Anonymous

    you are mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good for her, she should be proud of her accomplishment.   I also played football for a Michigan school on the boys team in high school.  I played half back, and scored several 2 point conversions.  I even had a team forfiei because they wouldn’t play a team with a girl on it and my coach refused to bench me.

  • Philip Khairi

    Everyone gets a “free ride” at the service academies, you just have to serve in the military after graduation.

  • talim lessane

    As someone who has a daughter, I would say this young lady is a great example/role model. Doing a sport doesn’t make you less feminine, and being elegant and popular doesn’t mean you can’t be athletic. Way to aheieve that balance.

  • Trevor Gant

    Wow really hard to kick a field goal in high heels?? Nice comment you sexist jerk, she was wearing cleats like everyone else!