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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ray Emery Really Likes to Fight

Any given night in the NHL there are several fights.  What might you ask distinguishes one from another in that case?  Well, if it ain’t Happy Gilmore taking off his skate and trying to stab someone, it’s when the goalies get involved. 

Last night, Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery got ejected after participating in a pair of fights.  It all started when Sabres center Chris Drury was hit hard.  After that, all players dropped gloves to fight, including goalies Ray Emery and Martin Biron. 

After Emery took on an outmatched Martin Biron, Buffalo enforcer Andrew Peters came in to tangle with the Ottawa netminder. Drury was helped off the ice with a severe cut across his forehead. Biron, Peters and Emery were all ejected, and 110 penalty minutes were doled out.

Did you catch that, Emery is such a badass that a Buffalo goon had to come over and take him on.  Here’s the video for your enjoyment, but you probably won’t get as much enjoyment from the fight as Ray Emery (make sure you watch until the 2:30 mark to see the coaches go at it!)

Oh yeah, the Sabres won 6-5 in case you care, and they’ll play again on Saturday.

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