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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tim Thomas Guarantees Bruins Win the Eastern Conference Finals

Tim Thomas, a guy who has been the underdog his entire career and as a result comes across as extremely humble, went out on a bit of a limb after the Bruins epic Game 4 meltdown against the Lightning. The same guy who created a bit of a buzz last week after Boston lost game one when he called hockey “just a game” feels strongly about his team’s chances of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals.  In fact, the Bruins goalie has guaranteed a series victory.

“We’re going to win,” Thomas boldly stated after Game 4 according the The Tampa Tribune.

More often than not, nothing good can ever come of guaranteeing victories.  Antics like that are normally reserved for loud mouths like Rex Ryan, but I really have no problem with a statement like that coming from the Bruins goalie.  If anyone should be confident, it’s a goal keeper.  You have to be a pretty confident person to begin with to stand in front of pucks traveling 100 mph, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise.  The fact that Lightning coach Guy Boucher disagrees with Thomas is also not surprising.

“I guess we should have stayed home,” Boucher said of the guarantee. “You know, their people are allowed to think what they think and we’re not going to pay attention to that. Hopefully our players are staying focused and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

Gotta love playoff hockey.

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