Jon Jones blames ‘old man’ Dan Henderson for ruining fight plans

Jon Jones has been crucified for his role in the cancellation of UFC 151, but he would like to remind you that he’s not the reason the fight was called off. Responding to a fan who tweeted him to complain that his Saturday evening plans were ruined, Jones made sure to blame Dan Henderson, whom he called an “old man.”

Jones continues to show us that he just doesn’t get it. Nobody wants to hear him complain about an opponent suffering a knee injury while training, which, by the way, happens quite frequently. The problem is that Jones turned down a chance to face a replacement fighter.

The only person to blame for there not being a UFC 151 fight card on Sept. 1 is Jon Jones. Someone needs to remind him that.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UO5CZFHOVWNX7QDHJU2NP2HA4I Indalecsio

    If he is such an old man then why fight him?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.sevenoseven Kevin Seven O Seven

    Because Hendo is a LEGEND!!! and SONNEN just talks alot of smack..Trust me Jones Respects Dan Henderson and Belfort too for that matter..look @ their accomplishments and Wars in MMA…but SONNEN? his mouth will always be better then he every will be (or ever has been). Jon Jones is the Light Heavyweight Champ…and Beaten some of the Best!!! why would he waste his talents on Sonnen??? i wouldnt (its like your little brothers friend trying to pick a fight with you)

  • Iamlazaruz316

    look larry brown, your comments seem kinda biased. just may be jones has a good point here. if hendo knew a couple of weeks before telling dana , before the cancellation, that he was  hurt and did not mention it to anyone then he is equalllyif not soley to blame. orr maybe its just easier to blame  jon jones ….who knows

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7EF6XEFTF5STDXU6YI2EKMIZKA Joseph

    Ok I’ve read about as much as I can stand. Look at it this way, if Jon had taken the fight and god forbid gotten hurt and was never able to fight again. Here’s the headlines, (why did he take the fight we all know how unpredictable Sonnen can be). (he’s a professional and that’s what happens when you fight in the cage) are you people getting my point yet.We can all have our opinions but it’s not our career are our life, if Jon didn’t want to fight another fighter on 3 days notice that’s his right.
    Yes i said 3 days notice because the last five days before the fight is for them idiots in the media.
    White is a f***ing idiot also and he has no reguard for any fighter in the UFC, it’s all about the money and if fighters don’t lookout for themselves no one else will. Sonnen is talking a lot of sh*t, if he had gotten in the cage with Jon and got knocked the F*** out and never woke up do you think white would have stop promoting fight??????? Hell no Sonnen would have been just another dumb a** fighter that died in the cage.This is a competition sport and a violent sport at that, when a fighter steps into the cage he’s there to do the most damage possible and try to win White’s BONUS checks for best knockout etc. so the fighters have to protect themselves at all times even when it comes to taking a fight on short notice.I’m as disappointed as the next fan but I do understand Jacksons telling him not to fight and Jon choosing not to fight. Thank You Mr. Jackson you may have save a man’s life.
    Again we are all entitled to our opinion but lets not forget fighter or not we are all human and one wrong decision can cost us everything.
    To Sonnen you got your A** handed to you by the Spider and you will meet Jon one day and he won’t forget your comments.