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Monday, October 15, 2018

Please Let Shaq Fight Hong Man Choi

Shaq was one of the many high-profile Boston-area athletes on hand for UFC 118 at TD Garden on Saturday. Shaq’s been a fan of MMA for quite some time and has even done some training. The massive-sized publicity whore apparently has plans to steal some non-NBA thunder after his playing days are over. He told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting that he would like to fight Hong Man Choi.

I know Shaq is all for grabbing attention, money, and publicity wherever possible, but calling out Hong Man Choi is not the right way to achieve such goals. Choi is a 7’2″ 350lb Korean kickboxing monster who almost beat Fedor Emelianenko and smashed some guy’s face in with a vicious knee to the head. He would have done the same to Jose Canseco if steroids boy didn’t tap so early. There’s little doubt he would destroy Shaq all the same.

I don’t know what it is about MMA that all these athletes think they can do it. It’s practically become what rap used to be for so many aspiring players. Shaq may want to fight in the Octagon and receive all the glory of the UFC, but taking a guy like Hong Man Choi on is the wrong idea. After the way James Toney turned out, the Big Carpet Bagger should know better than to try such a ludicrous challenge. I hope he does and in turn pays the price. $49.99 to watch Shaq get his ass kicked? Now that’s something for which I would pay. I’m sure Kobe’s thinking the same thing too.

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