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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Media Member Sticks Lionel Messi Puppet in Lionel Messi’s Face (Video)

Since when do guys with credentials heckle players?  We’ve all seen reporters ask tough questions and intentionally get under the skin of athletes and coaches to make a good story, but shoving things in superstars faces is a new one for me.  As if that isn’t weird enough, why shove a puppet of a player in the corresponding player’s face?  I guess you’ll have to ask the guy who shoved the puppet of Lionel Messi in Messi’s face after his charity match in Mexico City on Sunday. Check out the video, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Is that at all necessary?  Considering who he was messing with, that credentialed gentleman was fortunate Messi didn’t decide to kick a ball directly in his face.  He certainly would have deserved it.

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