Browns fan urinates on Art Modell’s grave (Video)

Browns fan Art ModellOn a scale of 1-10 when it comes to disrespectful acts, this would probably come in at 5,328.

A Cleveland Browns fan posted this video to YouTube of him supposedly urinating on the grave of Art Modell. Modell died in 2012 but remains a despised figure by many in Cleveland for moving the beloved Browns to Baltimore (they later changed identities and became the Ravens).

The fan went to great lengths to produce the video; he put on an Ed Reed jersey as a perfect disguise and supposedly used a catheter to make the urinating process easy and conspicuous.

In explaining why he was urinating on Modell’s grave, the fan says, “I had no choice.”

Those were the exact words used by Modell to explain why he moved the Browns out of Cleveland.

Too bad the fan did this now instead of waiting til the Week 3 matchup between the teams. Then it would have really added to the rivalry. Or maybe he knew better than to hurt his team’s chances of winning by giving the opponent extra motivation.

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How it’s been as a Cleveland Browns fan summed up in one depressing photo

Browns fans Charlie Frye Tim Couch Brady Quinn

Man, is that not one of the most depressing football fan photos you’ve seen? Too bad their buddy in the Kelly Holcomb jersey couldn’t make it out to turn it into an incredible foursome.

But this is examples 1 2 and 3 of exactly why you never waste your money on NFL jerseys.

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Browns fans comments on Redskins signing Shawn Lauvao are pretty funny

The Washington Redskins signed guard Shawn Lauvao to a four-year, $17 million deal on Tuesday, and nobody could be happier about the move than Cleveland Browns fans.

Upon hearing news of Lauvao’s deal with Washington, some Browns fans on the team’s Reddit forum left some funny comments sharing their opinion of the move. Let’s just say that many of them are not sad to see Lauvao leave.

Here are some of the funny comments:

Browns fans Shawn Lauvao

Welcome to free agency, Washington. Aren’t you excited about this move now, Skins fans?

Oh, and according to Rotoworld, Lauvao gave up 18 quarterback hurries and four sacks in 11 games last season.

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Fan asked for Browns pallbearers so team ‘can let him down one last time’

Browns-dog-poundThe Cleveland Browns have not won a playoff game since 1994 and, like many other fans, Scott E. Entsminger grew tired of the team’s annual failures. Entsminger, a lifelong Browns fan and season ticket holder, passed away at his Ohio home on July 4 at the age of 55. But not before taking one final parting shot at the team he spent his life rooting for.

Entsminger’s obituary, which was published on The Columbus Dispatch website, revealed that he requested Cleveland Browns as pallbearers for his funeral. The reason behind it is priceless.

“He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time,” the obituary read.

The tribute also called Entsminger a “fun-loving” person, which is evident based on his aforementioned dying wish. He is not the first nor the second person to take a shot at his team before passing away, but Entsminger’s request was easily one of the most creative. When a team enters a 20-year drought with no playoff victories, these things tend to become more common.

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Josh Cribbs blasts Browns fans

As expected, the Denver Broncos had no issue with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Cleveland fell to 5-10 as its disappointing season continued, and in the process its fans became a tiny bit crankier.

Josh Cribbs apparently heard and saw some of the things that angry Browns fans were saying and writing after the team’s latest loss, and the eight-year veteran took to Twitter to express his displeasure:

Nine months ago, the Browns drafted two players that they hope will become the cornerstones of their franchise in running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden. This may be a rebuilding season, but Cleveland fans are tired of waiting. The team hasn’t had a winning season since 2007 and has had only three in the last 20 years. They have not appeared in the playoffs since 2002.

Like Cribbs, many players get irritated and make comments like the ones Brian Urlacher made about Chicago Bears fans last week. But if any fanbase deserves to be able to air out their frustrations, it’s the Dawg Pound. It doesn’t take long for losing to get old.