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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: David Ortiz

David Ortiz gets his hit, apologizes for outburst

David Ortiz has once again gotten his way. The Boston Red Sox slugger put up a major stink over an error against the Minnesota Twins last week that he thought was a hit, and the official scorer has since changed his call. Official scorer Bob Ellis reviewed the play and awarded Ortiz a hit on Monday….Read More

David Ortiz angry again over error he thought was a hit

David Ortiz once again feels like he has been cheated out of a hit, and he is furious about it. The Boston Red Sox slugger ripped a ground ball down the first base line in the seventh inning on Wednesday night that was misplayed by Joe Mauer, and the official scorer ruled it an error….Read More

David Ortiz: Who is David Price? We whooped his ass

David Ortiz is still steaming about the dust-up between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays last week that resulted in a six-game suspension for Sox pitcher Brandon Workman. Ortiz is furious that Price was not suspended after he almost certainly hit Big Papi on purpose, and we don’t blame him. After the incident,…Read More

David Ortiz rips David Price for being a little b-tch

Your browser does not support iframes. David Ortiz absolutely blasted David Price after the Boston Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 in 10 innings on Friday night, saying he has no more respect for the southpaw pitcher. The issues between the two men go back to last postseason after Ortiz hit two home…Read More

David Ortiz wants MLB to change error to hit

David Ortiz broke up Yu Darvish’s no-hitter with two outs in the 9th inning of Friday’s Rangers-Red Sox game with a solid ground ball single to right, but the Sox slugger is not satisfied with receiving credit for only one hit. See, Ortiz also hit a fly ball to right field in the seventh inning…Read More

No more White House selfies thanks to David Ortiz

When the Boston Red Sox visited the White House last week to be recognized for winning the World Series, David Ortiz took a selfie with president Barack Obama. At first, the gesture was seen as a harmless case of Big Papi being Big Papi. When it was later discovered that the selfie was part of…Read More

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