Chiefs fans hire plane to fly ‘Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel’ banner (Picture)

A group of disgruntled Chiefs fans hired an airplane to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Sunday to express their dissatisfaction with the organization.

The banner’s message stated: “We Deserve Better! Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel.” It was paid for by a bunch of hardcore Chiefs fans who frequent the forum at ChiefsPlanet.com. The organizer wrote in a posting on the site that the cost to fly the banner was $725/hour, but that the company dropped the price by $100 because they believed in the cause.

Pioli is Scott Pioli, who was hired as the team’s GM after the 2008 season. He came from New England where his teams won three Super Bowls since 2000. One of his big moves was acquiring and then signing Matt Cassel from his former team the Patriots. Pioli’s Chiefs teams have gone 21-27 the past three years, and they’re 1-3 this season.

After playing extremely well as an injury replacement for Tom Brady in 2008, Cassel has been mostly mediocre for Kansas City. He threw for 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in a Pro Bowl season in 2010, but he’s thrown for 31 touchdowns and 32 interceptions outside of that year.

The fans somewhat got their wish on Sunday when Cassel got hurt and was replaced by Brady Quinn.

You can read all about the reasons the fan decided to organize the effort at ChiefsPlanet.

Below is a story on the flyover from KSN in Wichita:

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Chiefs apologize on Twitter for ripping frustrated fan…on Twitter

By creating their own Twitter accounts, professional sports teams are accepting that the benefits of using social media outweigh the negatives of having to listen to fans air out their grievances. Twitter makes it easy for fans to voice their frustrations directly to the team after a tough loss, and that’s exactly what Missouri resident Travis Wright chose to do after the team’s loss to to Atlanta.

“I’m not much of a @kcchiefs fan anymore,” he wrote. “(Chiefs owner) Clark Hunt’s yearly 30m under the cap bulls*** is unethical. Greedy (expletive) owners can (expletive) off cc @nfl.”

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Kansas City fan Steve Graham has a Chiefs glass eye (Picture)

Steve Graham is a 58-year-old Chiefs fan who lost his eye in a dart accident when he was 13 years old. If that sounds like an awful way to lose an eye, I’m sure it is. Not that there could ever be a good way to lose an eye, but I can think of a few that would be less traumatizing than ones that involve a dart. According to the Chiefs fan blog Arrowhead Addict, Graham has been a die-hard fan ever since he watched the Chiefs win the Super Bowl in 1969 — two years after his accident.

The glass you eye you see him sporting above is simply Graham’s game day attire. He says his doctor recommended the design so he can make it part of his Sunday best, but that he has two other artificial eyes that match his left eye as to not freak people out. If it were me, I’d wear it all the time. You think getting a tribute tattoo like this one or this one makes you a huge fan? Trying wearing your team’s favorite logo in your eye.

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