Bevo wears tribute to Mack Brown for Alama Bowl

Bevo Mack Brown

Even Bevo is paying his respects to Mack Brown.

Texas put “Mack” on Bevo’s halter for the Alamo Bowl on Monday as a way to honor the longtime Longhorns coach, who is stepping down after the team’s bowl game against Oregon. Texas is one of the few schools that has a live mascot at games.

Though the school had to make the difficult move of forcing out their longtime coach, this was a nice gesture to honor him. Brown reportedly is fighting for a larger buyout package from the school.

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Mack Brown reportedly seeking larger buyout package from Texas

Mack Brown TexasMack Brown may have been pushed out as the head coach at Texas, but that doesn’t mean he is done with the Longhorns altogether. By relinquishing his position, Brown is reportedly entitled to make $500,000 per year as a special advisor to Texas president Bill Powers through 2020. However, the 62-year-old may be aiming higher.

According to The Austin-American Statesman, Brown is looking to make more than twice the amount that was supposedly agreed upon in his contract. He could be seeking as much as $1.3 million annually over the next seven years. A high-ranking Texas source reportedly told The Statesman that any figure that high would not be not be approved.

Texas would have had to pay Brown a one-time payment of $2.75 million if he was fired before the end of the year. By allowing him to step down, it would seem obvious that school officials wants him to remain with the program.

There have also been reports that Brown has had as many as three head coaching offers from other schools, so making $500,000 per year as a special advisor at Texas is probably not his only option. That said, I’m sure Texas would rather let him walk than pay more than $1 million annually for someone who is not coaching the team.

Report: Bill Powers pushed Mack Brown out at Texas

Mack Brown

We may never know exactly what happened with Mack Brown and Texas, but the latest report says he was pushed out by university president Bill Powers, who previously was one of his biggest supporters.

If you remember correctly, a report from OrangeBloods.com said Brown would resign before week’s end the week of Dec. 9. At that time, there was speculation about Nick Saban taking the Texas job. But when Saban agreed to an extension with Alabama, a new report said Brown would remain as Texas coach. Then the very next day, Brown announced he was resigning.

So what transpired?

Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde says Brown had a meeting with AD Steve Patterson on Saturday morning, the day Brown’s resignation was eventually announced. Things went well at that meeting and the two talked about Brown’s future as the program’s coach. An hour later, however, Patterson called Brown again to set up another meeting between them, one where Brown was informed he needed to resign.

From Forde’s report:

The source told Yahoo Sports that Patterson arrived at the football building with a jarring change of heart for Brown: You need to resign. That was the decision of University of Texas president Bill Powers, and Patterson was the apologetic messenger. The source said Powers, a longtime friend and supporter of the football coach, abruptly yanked the rug out from beneath Brown after supporting his continued tenure the previous two days.

What led Powers to change his mind? Forde’s source (who may be Brown’s agent) speculates that the Texas regents may have ordered Powers to force out Brown at the threat of being removed as university president. Forde says Patterson actually supported Brown staying, and that Mack could have saved his job by beating Baylor in his last regular-season game. They were defeated 30-10 instead.

Believe whatever you want, but if you actually think Patterson and Powers backed Brown until Powers’ job was threatened, then this story actually makes sense. It also would explain why the reports seemed to flip-flop on a daily basis until Brown eventually resigned. Here’s the thing: we all knew Brown wouldn’t be back for one simple reason — he didn’t win enough.

Mack Brown supposedly had three head coaching offers

Mack Brown TexasMack Brown may have been pushed out at Texas this year, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a desirable head coach for other programs.

Brown’s attorney Joe Jamail says the longtime Longhorns coach had three head coaching offers this fall, including two serious ones, according to Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman.

Bohls also reports that Brown will make $500,000 a year as a special advisor to Texas president Bill Powers through 2020.

At 62, Brown is still young enough where he could take on another job for a handful of years, but how well would he do? When coaches appear to run out of steam, it generally is hard for them to have too much success elsewhere. I think Brown could do well at a smaller school with lesser expectations, but I doubt his ability to succeed at another big program.

He hasn’t decided yet if he will retire.

Mack Brown resigns as Texas coach

Mack Brown TexasMack Brown is resigning from his position as head coach of the Texas Longhorns after all.

A day after it was reported that Brown was fighting for his job and that he would remain as the coach of the Texas Longorhons, Texas announced that the 62-year-old would resign.

The Longhorn Network first reported the news and added that Brown told his players and recruits about his plans.

Brown will coach Texas for the Alamo Bowl game against Oregon on Dec. 30. That likely won’t shape up as a nice sendoff for him as Oregon is a much better team.

Texas issued this statement from Brown:

“Now, the program is again being pulled in different directions, and I think the time is right for a change. I love The University of Texas, all of its supporters, the great fans and everyone that played and coached here. I can’t thank DeLoss Dodds enough for bringing our family here, and Bill Powers and the administration for supporting us at a place where I have made lifelong friendships. It is the best coaching job and the premier football program in America. I sincerely want it to get back to the top and that’s why I am stepping down after the bowl game. I hope with some new energy, we can get this thing rolling again.”

Speculation had been swirling throughout the week that Brown would resign before long, so the news comes as no surprise.

After taking over Texas in 1998, Brown returned the football program to national prominence. He won double-digit games every season from 2001-2009 and he brought the school a national championship in the 2005 season. The success he enjoyed was on par with Darrell Royal, and he will be remembered by Longhorns fans for all the great things he did for the school much more than the last four disappointing seasons that led to his resignation.

Mack Brown reportedly not ready to step down at Texas

Mack Brown

In a matter of hours, all the speculation about the job status of Mack Brown and Nick Saban may have come to an end.

On Friday night Alabama that they and Saban have agreed on a contract extension. Shortly thereafter, it leaked that Brown appears to be staying at Texas for the time being.

247 Sports’ Bobby Burton reported the following:

ESPN added another key detail to the story. They say Brown was planning to resign, but he was so upset about the leaks about his plans that he changed his mind.

Here’s what they wrote:

Brown had previously confided in those close to him that he was resigning, the source said. However, Brown was “enraged” when the news leaked to the media, and he decided to change course, according to the source.

That makes plenty of sense. Who would want news like that to leak? People — especially legends like Brown — want to retire or resign on their own terms. If he agrees to step down, it won’t be a few days after the media has spoiled the announcement. He’ll do it at a later time.

This also sounds like Texas was pushing out Brown because they thought they had Saban. Now that they don’t, they have to go to their backup plan. So, for the interim, they can let Mack keep his job until they figure out what they want to do long term. You also can’t rule out the possibility that they make a run at Saban in the future depending on his buyout situation with the new extension.

Mack Brown had to deal with some bright lights at his press conference (GIF)

Mack-Brown-lightsHaving coached one of the nation’s most prestigious football programs for 16 years, Texas coach Mack Brown is used to the spotlight. The second winningest coach in school history has won a national championship with the Longhorns and appeared in another. Still, there’s only so much brightness one man can take.

On Thursday, in the wake of news surfacing that he will be stepping down as head coach at Texas, there were so many camera lights shining in Mack’s face that he had trouble figuring out who was talking to him. It made for a hilarious GIF.

As you might expect, Brown refused to address the rumors about him stepping down.

“We’re here to talk about the Alamo Bowl,” Brown told reporters. “My situation has not changed.”

Oh, but it will. And when it does, a certain coach from Tuscaloosa may be there to take your place.

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