Mark Jackson forces Brian Scalabrine to be reassigned

Brian-ScalabrineBrian Scalabrine will no longer be patrolling the sidelines for the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach. As of Tuesday, Scalabrine has been reassigned. Why? Because Mark Jackson has found another assistant he can’t get along with.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Jackson has not been able to coexist with Scalabrine despite Golden State ownership and management bring impressed with the former Chicago Bull’s performance on the job. While it is unclear what caused the relationship between Jackson and Scalabrine to sour, we do know Jackson has lousy history with assistants.

As Wojnarowski pointed out, Jackson and former assistant coach Michael Malone went weeks without speaking to each other during the 2012-2013 season. Malone has since left the Warriors to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Scalabrine is viewed as someone with great basketball knowledge who is respected across the league. Jackson hired him after he came highly recommended by Tom Thibodeau, who coached Scal with both the Bulls and Boston Celtics. Jackson’s inability to work with his assistants is probably one of the reasons the Warriors have not reached out to him to discuss a contract extension.

Mark Jackson has interest in Knicks coaching job, being bought out?

Mark JacksonThe New York Knicks may seem like a mess and will likely be in the market for a new head coach soon, but the job still has a lot of appeal. Former Knicks guard and current Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson is one of the guys who might be interested in the gig.

During a conversation with ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” Monday, Stephen A. Smith was discussing the Knicks’ potential hiring of Phil Jackson. Smith stated his opinion that there are other moves he thinks that would be better for the Knicks than hiring Phil for their front office.

“I would rather have Tom Thibodeau or Mark Jackson — who would be interested in coming here and would be interested in bought out of his contract in Golden State,” Smith said.

It’s unclear whether Thibodeau, who is under contract with the Chicago Bulls through 2016-2017, has interest in the Knicks. Rumors have said he could go to the Knicks, and one report even said he had an agreement in place to coach New York next season. He has denied that.

Similarly, rumors have said that the Knicks have their eye on Jackson. Jackson is in his third season with the Warriors and has led them to plenty of success. Would he want to leave the situation he has built there? Smith says he would, so that is something to watch.

Jackson being from New York and having played for the Knicks certainly will lead to plenty of speculation about him taking the job.

Mark Jackson beats Stephen Curry in shooting contest (Video)

Mark Jackson Stephen CurryMark Jackson may have put on weight and be out of shape now that his playing days are over, but he can still stroke it.

In a video posted to YouTube Monday by the Golden State Warriors, Jackson can be seen beating star player Stephen Curry in a shooting contest held after the team’s practice in Indianapolis. Their contest was a best-of-five racks. Since Jackson topped Curry on each of the first three racks, he got the win without them having to do the final two shooting spots.

I think that was just Jackson giving Curry payback for this embarrassing video.

Mark Jackson: LeBron James is greatest small forward of all time

LeBron Mount Rushmore

Mark Jackson broke out the big guns with his praise of LeBron James after the Miami Heat superstar beat his team with a sick game-winning shot in the final second of the Heat’s road win over the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night.

After the game, Jackson called LeBron the greatest small forward of all time and said he has no weaknesses or flaws as a player. The comment came up in the context of LeBron saying that he will be on basketball’s Mount Rushmore when his career is over, which was a way of saying he’ll be one of the four best players of all time.

“I really don’t think it’s fair to have a Mount Rushmore,” Jackson began. “Like even LeBron’s Mount Rushmore, he left some incredible basketball players off that mountain. But whoever you want to put up there, you might as well start chipping away at his face.

“The guy in my opinion is the greatest small forward that’s ever played this game. And he will be in the discussion with anybody that’s ever played the game when it’s all said and done. He’s an incredible basketball player, complete basketball player, with no weaknesses and no flaws.”

Here’s a photo illustration of the Rushmore:

Stephen Curry dunks on coach Mark Jackson outside team hotel (Video)

I am straight dying over here. Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors teammates had some fun with coach Mark Jackson this week, putting him on the dunk cam with a little posterization action outside the team hotel.

According to video uploader Kent Bazemore, that was him holding the trash can, Draymond Green throwing the pass, and Curry with the finish. Nemanja Nedovic was the man behind the camera.

That was classic.

Jackson obviously couldn’t believe what happened to him, but later said on Twitter that he loved it.

The dunking on someone out of nowhere is a phenomenon that has caught on recently. This great GIF is the first time I saw it:

Man, I can’t get over Draymond Green’s face here:

Stephen Curry Mark Jackson


Mark Jackson: Denver Nuggets sent ‘hitmen’ on Steph Curry

Mark Jackson complained after the Golden State Warriors’ 107-100 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night that Denver sent “hitmen” at his best player, Steph Curry.

“[They] tried to send ‘hitmen’ on Steph [Curry],” Jackson said after the game.

When asked to elaborate, Jackson did.

“There were some dirty plays earlier. It’s playoff basketball, that’s alright. We owe them. Make no mistake about it: we went up 3-1 playing hard, physical, clean basketball. Not trying to hurt anybody.”

Steph Curry Kenneth FariedDuring the first quarter with the Nuggets up 9-5, Curry was running down the lane as the Warriors were about to set up an offensive play. As he was going down the key, Kenneth Faried tried to trip him. Curry has been battling an ankle injury during the series, so one could argue he was being targeted in the foot.

Then in the second quarter, Kosta Koufos fouled Curry twice as he was trying to shoot a shot from the wing. Curry pushed Koufos back in response and pointed at the big man.

About two minutes later, Andrew Bogut stepped in as an enforcer and pushed Faried in the throat, likely as retaliation.

According to Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle, the players disagreed on who’s targeting whom.

“They come out of nowhere, trying to throw elbows,” Curry said.

“They play dirty every night. They’ve targeted me,” said Faried.

Memo to Faried: you start it, Golden State will finish.

Game 6 on Thursday should be a fun one. Since it’s in Oakland, I would imagine it would be tougher for Nuggets players to get away with those plays in front of the opposing fans. I also expect the Warriors to close out the series.

Mark Jackson reportedly the victim of an extortion plot by an ex-stripper who had nude photos of him

We all know technology is fun, but people really need to learn not to use it to send pictures of their funny business to people who they cannot trust. If you want to send dong pictures to your wife, by all means. Chances are she’s not going to share them with the entire internet. And if you go through a nasty divorce and she decides to, oh well. That’s the risk you took. But if you’re a former NBA player turned well-known analyst like Mark Jackson, it’s probably best to not act on impulse and engage in this sort of behavior.

According to The Smoking Gun, an ex-stripper named Alexis Adams was arrested this week along with her alleged accomplice, ex-convict Marcus Shaw. Adams, who is now 28, has been accused of trying to extort a six-figure payment from Jackson in return for nude photos he had sent her roughly six years ago when they had an affair.

Jackson and Adams met at a strip club in New York when Jackson was working as an announcer for the New Jersey Nets with the YES Network. Jackson said he was first approached by Shaw in April. Shaw showed Jackson a folder that he said contained the photos and a CD which he said held recording of voicemails he left Adams back when they were seeing each other. Shaw claimed he purchased a storage container for $3,500 and found the pictures and voicemails.

According to the report, Shaw claimed he wanted money to “fix his teeth and get his car out of an impound lot.” Jackson eventually gave him $5,000 but decided to contact the police when the extortionists got in touch with his wife of 22 years.

It’s a shame it took this story so long to come to light. Otherwise, people like Brett Favre, Greg Oden, and Mike Hamlin would have had a chance to learn from Jackson’s lapse in judgment.

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