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Friday, May 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Trout

Mike Trout poses with the biggest hunk of beef you’ll see

How does Mike Trout celebrate a new six-year, $144.5 million contract extension? By going out to a steak house and getting the biggest hunk of beef you’ll ever see. Trouty was out to dinner with teammate Garrett Richards, and Richards’ girlfriend Alexis shared this photo of the two men holding those giant cuts of meat….Read More

Albert Pujols thinks he’s above Mike Trout comparisons

Mike Trout has had better overall production than Albert Pujols with the Los Angeles Angels over the past two seasons, but Albert Pujols is still Albert Pujols. The 34-year-old slugger is one of the greatest hitters to ever play. He’s also the only player in MLB history to bat at least .300 with at least…Read More

Mike Trout on record pay: It makes me feel good about Angels

This time last year Mike Trout and his agent were upset with the Los Angeles Angels for low-balling him on his team-designated salary for the season. A year later, the Angels have more than made up with Trout by giving him a record salary for a pre-arbitration player. The Angels and Trout agreed Wednesday to…Read More

Mike Trout can jump really really really high (Video)

Mike Trout is a supreme athlete. You already knew that. But it’s still pretty awesome to watch some of his athletic feats, such as him doing a ridiculous plyometric box jump during a recent workout. Trouty posted the video to his Instagram page on Wednesday and added that there were only 42 days until spring…Read More

Writer voted Mike Trout 7th in AL MVP voting

Mike Trout finished second in AL MVP voting for the second consecutive year. That’s bad enough in itself. What’s much worse is that one voter actually placed him 7th. Trout appeared on all 30 MVP ballots. He received 5 1st-place votes, 19 2nd, 3 third, and 1 fourth, fifth and seventh-place votes. Miguel Cabrera, who…Read More

Mike Trout hints he’s open to playing for another team

Mike Trout is still under the Los Angeles Angels’ control for another four seasons and quite a ways away free agency. He and his agent have not talked with the team about a possible contract extension, insisting that they will be patient. Another concern for the Angels is that Trout seems open to the possibility…Read More

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