Vikings break danced to end practice (Video)

vikings-break-danceThe Minnesota Vikings are 8-6 and contending for a playoff spot, and they sure know how to keep the atmosphere loose. At the end of their practice Friday, several players began breakdancing. According to Deadspin, Everson Griffen started it off, and then Fred Evans really got it going.

Awesome show gents, though, I must say that nobody tops Bernard Pollard when it comes to NFL players dancing.

Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer: Chris Kluwe’s distractions are getting old

Chris-Kluwe-VikingsMinnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken players in the NFL. Some of the stuff he says and does is entertaining, but Kluwe can be annoying in the sense that he is one of those people who seems to think everyone cares what he has to say about everything. In fact, even Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer has grown tired of it.

On Thursday, a reporter jokingly asked Preifer if he was going to hide the tape from Kluwe this weekend so he couldn’t stick another pro-Ray Guy patch on his uniform and get himself into trouble. Preifer clearly didn’t think the stunt was amusing.

“I don’t even want to talk about it,” he said according to the Star Tribune. “Those distractions are getting old for me, to be honest with you. Does Ray Guy deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. But there are other ways to go about doing it, in my opinion.

“To me, it’s getting old,” Priefer said. “He’s got to focus on punting and holding.”

Priefer was then asked if he had spoken to Kluwe about it and he said he hasn’t because the punter “won’t listen.”

Whether it’s calling Hall of Fame quarterbacks nasty names, using a whiteboard to mock the commissioner or swearing it up on Twitter, Kluwe is always looking to get a rise out of someone. Should the Vikings decide to part ways with him, he would likely get a job punting elsewhere. If not, Kluwe certainly has a future as a pundit — whether its in sports, politics or both.

Vikings players reportedly told they will be cut if they touch Adrian Peterson during practice

Adrian Peterson underwent surgery to repair ACL and MCL tears less than eight months ago. Many players require close to a full year to recover from injuries of that magnitude, but Peterson is eyeing a Week 1 return to action. In order to make that goal a more realistic possibility, the Vikings are doing everything they can to make sure he stays healthy during practice. This has apparently led to some pretty intense rules.

“The rules are simple. Do not touch 28,” Vikings safety Jamarca Sanford said Tuesday, according to Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune. “If you touch him, you’re cut.”

If the other players literally can’t lay a finger on Peterson, it is probably pretty frustrating to have him practicing with the rest of the team. It would also indicate that he has not been cleared for contact, which would make it seem even more unlikely that a return in about three weeks is realistic.

Earlier this week, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice said that he believes Peterson is rushing back and could be putting himself at risk of further injury. Peterson dismissed Rice’s comments when asked about them on Tuesday.

“Yeah, I heard about his comments,” A.P. said. “But everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is what it is. It’s just another opinion. Great player. I respect him. But that’s just another opinion.”

Vikings fans, players and coaches are all hoping Rice is wrong. While they certainly need Peterson if they want to have a shot at putting together a decent season, a 100% healthy Adrian Peterson for less than 16 games is much better than a banged-up Peterson for an entire season.

Helmet knock to Around the League
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Percy Harvin reportedly wants to be traded, says money is not the issue

Percy Harvin skipped the Vikings’ afternoon workout on Wednesday, the same day a report emerged saying he wanted to be traded.

Harvin, a former first-round pick of the Vikings, expressed his displeasure with the team on Tuesday.

“I just put it this way, there’s a lot of different things that have to be sorted out,” Harvin said on the first day of a mandatory minicamp. “Just haven’t been really happy lately. We’ve got a couple of things to work on. I’m here in the classroom. We’ll go from there.”

Harvin hasn’t been specific about his issues with the team, but he said on Twitter Wednesday that money was not the problem.

Harvin is making less than a million dollars next season and has two years left on his rookie deal. Many have speculated that he wants a new contract — and the Star Tribune says he does — but he says that’s not the case.

Another tweet he sent confused matters:

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Vikings Tickets Drop to $4 After Terrible Start to Season

So far, the Donovan McNabb experiment has gone about as well in Minnesota as it did in Washington.  The Vikings are off to an 0-4 start after losing to the Jamaal Charles-less chiefs on Sunday.  McNabb has further proven that he has nothing left in the tank and any confidence the Vikings defense had about keeping their team in games seems to have been diminished.  Whether or not Minnesota will be selling McNabb cups after his departure remains to be seen.

One thing we do know is ticket prices on the Purple People Eater secondary market are plummeting.  By plummeting we mean the Vikings have gotten dangerously close to giving tickets away.  Here are some of the StubHub! prices for the Vikings upcoming game against the Cardinals that Darren Rovell shared with us on Twitter.

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Vikings Need Stability at Quarterback to Reach Next Level

The NFL is a passing league. Without solid, consistent play at the quarterback position, it is almost impossible for a team to have any sustained success. Consistency is the key. The Seattle Seahawks could sign Peyton Manning to a one-year deal and still not win a Super Bowl. For that reason, the Vikings are going to have trouble taking the next step if they keep bringing in temporary solutions to their problem at quarterback.

If you believe in the theory that any publicity is good publicity, the Brett Favre experiment worked wonders for the Vikings.  Favre’s pathetic back-and-forth retirement game had the camera on the Vikings seemingly at all times, but left them a win short of the Super Bowl in Favre’s first year and out of the playoffs in his second.  Now, Minnesota turns its attention to Donovan McNabb.

The Vikings acquired McNabb in a trade on Wednesday, effectively giving them another huge name that is well past his prime.  McNabb’s time in Washington was a failure that ended in embarrassment with Mike Shanahan saying he was welcome to return to the team as a backup.  His passer rating of 77.1 was the lowest since his rookie season.  McNabb’s also an injury concern, having played in 15 or more games only twice in the last seven seasons.

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Minnesota Vikings DE Ray Edwards Wins Boxing Debut, Practiced Abstinence

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards made his boxing debut Friday night in Minnesota, defeating former kickboxer T.J. Gibson by unanimous decision. The 6-foot-5, 258 pound monster was much larger than the 5’9″ 222 pound Gibson and put his size to use. Yes, you’re eyes didn’t mislead you, he beat up on someone 36 pounds lighter and seven inches shorter than him.

Interestingly enough, to defeat his puny opponent (compared to his standards), Edwards practiced abstinence during his training regimen. By practicing abstinence, the Minnesota Viking was obeying the infamous boxing theory that sex affects fluidity in the ring.

“I’ve looked up to guys like Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, guys who are the greatest to do it – they said they didn’t do it,” Edwards said, referring to his abstinence.

In this situation you must feel sorry for his poor girlfriend, or wife, who’s been deprived during his last two-months of training.

I’m happy for any NFL player who attempts something different during this NFL lockout. Especially, guys like Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski and Edwards who are tackling the grueling sport of boxing. However, I’m not a fan of Chad Ochocinco’s publicity stunts ranging from attempting to play soccer for an MLS team and idiotically trying to ride a bull.

Actually, forget it. These athletes need to get back to playing football. I’m past the point of annoyed with the NFL lockout. The next question is will Edwards decide to make this fight happen.

Photo Credit: Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune