Kamu Grugier-Hill ejected for nut shot on Zac Epping (Video)

Eastern Illinois linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill brought us the first ejection of the 2014 college football season on Thursday night at the expense of an opponent’s man region. Grugier-Hill decided it would be a good idea to give Minnesota offensive lineman Zac Epping a closed-fist shot to the nuts.


Grugier-Hill wasn’t exactly subtle with the cheap shot, and the result was an automatic ejection. Jimmy taps weren’t tolerated in the NCAA last year and they wont be tolerated this year. All players should take notice.

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Francisco Cervelli took a foul tip to the nuts (Video)

Not even a cup could protect Francisco Cervelli from experiencing momentous amounts of pain after he was hit in the nuts by a foul tip during Wednesday’s Yankees-Tigers game.

As soon as Cervelli went down, a Yankees trainer bolted out of the dugout to assist him. While Cervelli was trying to regain his wind, the trainer had his hand on Cervelli’s collarbone, causing the YES announcers to briefly believe that’s where the catcher was struck. After another replay, they realized he was actually hit in the worst region possible.

Francisco Cervelli nuts

Clearly everything was knocked out of him. Poor guy.

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Be happy you’re not Alex Avila with an ice bag on your junk today (Video)

How’s your Monday going? Probably a lot better than Alex Avila’s.

The Detroit Tigers catcher took a foul tip off the nuts on Sunday night against the Boston Red Sox. That’s probably the only time he wishes one of Boston’s players — in this case Shane Victorino — actually got a hold of the pitch. Hey, any outcome would have been better than that. Not even a cup could help that.

Alex Avila nut shot

If there is any bright side in this situation — and we readily admit we’re digging deep here — it’s that at least the ball looks like it only got one of his boys, not both. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

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Serge Ibaka hits Blake Griffin in the nuts (GIF)

Serge-Ibaka-Blake-Griffin-nutsIt took Blake Griffin less than a minute to get nailed where the sun don’t shine in Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday. Griffin made a move to the basket against Serge Ibaka and couldn’t finish, but it wasn’t the missed layup he was left thinking about.

Ibaka fell into teammate Kendrick Perkins and Perkins shoved off of him to try to get position. Ibaka lost his balance and ended up punching Griffin directly in the nuts. Griffin stayed down for a few seconds but was able to shake it off.

We’ve (unfortunately) seen plenty of nut shots over the years, and that was one of the worst. Ibaka didn’t do it on purpose, but it looked very painful. Somebody get the Griff man an ice pack.

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David Price took a line drive to the nuts (GIF)

Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price taught all of the young ballplayers in the world a valuable lesson on Tuesday night — always wear a cup. Had the lefthander not been wearing one, his night would have been much, much worse.

Price was pitching to Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer in the top of the fourth inning when Mauer ripped a line drive right back at him. It hit Price directly in the groin area and ricocheted toward third base, allowing Mauer to reach on an infield single. Trainers came out to examine Price, at which point he proudly showed them that his cup had done it’s job.


That’s what I call saving the children.

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Umpire Brad Myers got hit in the nuts by a Brandon Phillips line drive (Video)

Sometimes you just have no chance.

Umpire Brad Myers got hit in the nuts by a Brandon Phillips line drive during a spring training game between the Reds and Indians on Monday, and the dude immediately went down in PAIN!

Myers made his best attempt to jump out of the way of the ball, but, instead, it was his balls that got crushed! He moved right into it!

You think Myers is going to wear a cup in the field from now on? I mean the look on his face said it all:

Umpire Brad Myers

Phillips did send a few tweets about it after the game:

Yup, that Myers sure needs to watch his McNuggets from now on.

Aldon Smith kicks Robert Griffin III in nuts, gets away with it (GIF)

Aldon Smith kicked Robert Griffin III in the nuts during the third quarter of Monday’s San Francisco 49ers-Washington Redskins game, and he was lucky he got away with it.

Washington had a 2nd-and-7 early in the third quarter from the San Francisco 46 and went with a pass play. Griffin threw to the far sideline for Josh Morgan, but the pass was ruled incomplete. At the end of the play, after RG3 had already released the ball, Smith, who was an arm’s length away from Griffin, raised his leg and connected with the quarterback’s groin.

He must have a wide foot because he got both of them:

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