Umpire Brad Myers got hit in the nuts by a Brandon Phillips line drive (Video)

Sometimes you just have no chance.

Umpire Brad Myers got hit in the nuts by a Brandon Phillips line drive during a spring training game between the Reds and Indians on Monday, and the dude immediately went down in PAIN!

Myers made his best attempt to jump out of the way of the ball, but, instead, it was his balls that got crushed! He moved right into it!

You think Myers is going to wear a cup in the field from now on? I mean the look on his face said it all:

Umpire Brad Myers

Phillips did send a few tweets about it after the game:

Yup, that Myers sure needs to watch his McNuggets from now on.

Aldon Smith kicks Robert Griffin III in nuts, gets away with it (GIF)

Aldon Smith kicked Robert Griffin III in the nuts during the third quarter of Monday’s San Francisco 49ers-Washington Redskins game, and he was lucky he got away with it.

Washington had a 2nd-and-7 early in the third quarter from the San Francisco 46 and went with a pass play. Griffin threw to the far sideline for Josh Morgan, but the pass was ruled incomplete. At the end of the play, after RG3 had already released the ball, Smith, who was an arm’s length away from Griffin, raised his leg and connected with the quarterback’s groin.

He must have a wide foot because he got both of them:

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Jose Iglesias took a fastball directly to the nuts (Video)


Jose Iglesias has settled in nicely with the Detroit Tigers since he came over from the Boston Red Sox at the trade deadline. He already proved why Detroit wanted him by making one of the best plays of the year earlier this week, but one pitch on Friday was enough to make anyone uncomfortable.

During the bottom of the third inning, Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy drilled Iglesias directly in the nuts with a fastball. The only thing that will improve is his on-base percentage, but I’m not sure it was worth it. Iglesias went down for a few seconds and was tended to by trainers, but he remained in the game. Here’s a photo that shows the moment of contact, courtesy of World of Isaac:


It’s rare that we ever seen two players take a ball to the man region within a few days of each other, but unfortunately Iglesias was not the first this week. Let’s hope this is the last play we’ll be adding to our list of nut shots for at least a while.

GIF via Guyism

LaTroy Hawkins hit in the baby maker by grounder while not wearing cup (Video)

LaTroy-Hawkins-nut-shotNew York Mets reliever LaTroy Hawkins blew a save against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night, but he had one of the most legitimate excuses possible. Prior to Andre Ethier’s game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth, Hawkins took a ground ball directly to the groin.

To make matters worse, several Dodgers and Mets reporters noted that Hawkins said he was not wearing a cup. He said after the game that the pain was excruciating and described the grounder as a “DIRECT HIT” that he did not get any part of his glove on. Hawkins also added this gem when asked about the play.

A lot of pitchers choose to not wear cups because they are uncomfortable, but Hawkins admitted after the game that he may reconsider that line of thought. In fact, there are even some position players who take the risk. At least that umpire who recently took a bad shot to the nuts was wearing protection.

And with that, the Dodgers — who have won their last eight in a row and 23 out of 26 since the All-Star break — continue to find ways to get the job done.

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GIF via CJ Zero

Umpire Alan Porter takes foul ball off the nuts (GIF)

Poor Alan Porter. The home plate umpire for the Tampa Bay Rays-Miami Marlins game on Wednesday was nailed in the nuts when Evan Longoria fouled off a ball that bounced in the dirt and skipped into Porter’s crotch during the fourth inning.

Between all the blown calls and foul balls to the groin, life isn’t easy being an umpire.

This isn’t Porter’s only mishap this season. Take a look at this fluke play he was part of earlier in the season:

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Shane Battier knees Roy Hibbert in the nuts (Video)

Shane Battier Roy HibbertIf you thought Roy Hibbert wasn’t all there during the first half of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat, it might have to do with him getting nailed in the nuts by Shane Battier.

Battier was driving to the hoop late in the first quarter when he was challenged by the Pacers center. In an instance, two forces converged at the same place at the same time: Hibbert’s groin and Battier’s knee. Hibbert’s manly region was on the losing end of that battle.

Hibbert still had 10 points and four rebounds in the first half despite losing two balls.

Below in GIF form:

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Troy Tulowitzki grabs teammate’s nuts in postgame handshake (GIF)

Troy Tulowitzki nut grabOh nothing, just Troy Tulowitzki grabbing teammate Rafael Betancourt in the nuts after the Colorado Rockies beat the San Francisco Giants 5-0 on Sunday. Tulo hit a two-run single in the sixth, while Betancourt pitched a scoreless ninth. Betancourt initially put up some resistance to Tulo, but the shortstop would not be denied.

Between Tulo and Jeff Francoeuer, this is turning into the year of the nut shot.

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