Desmond Howard calls fellow ESPN employee Skip Bayless ‘The Charlatan’

Desmond Howard was one of the best receivers and kick returners in the nation when he played at Michigan in the late 1980s and early 90s. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1991 after scoring an incredible 23 touchdowns, 19 of which were catches. In the NFL, however, Howard was more of a return specialist. He played for five different teams in 11 seasons, caught 40 passes during his best year in 1994 and never caught more than 26 after that. His best NFL season was 1996 with Green Bay, when Howard led the NFL in return yards and returned a kick 99 yards for a touchdown against the Patriots in Super Bowl 31.

Because most of his NFL success came as a punt and kick returner, Skip Bayless recently labeled Howard “The Kick Returner.” Howard, who works with Skip at ESPN, was not pleased when he heard about the new nickname, so he decided to give Bayless a name of his own.

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Skip Bayless called out by Mark Cuban on ‘First Take’ (Video)

I’ve said many times before that I don’t waste my time watching “First Take.” I never have, and I never will. I have no interest in being agitated by someone whose job is to say the most outrageous things possible in order to upset his audience and get a reaction, especially when everything he says is horse manure.

But I realize many of you love to hate him, so with that in mind, you’ll enjoy the above video of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban destroying Skip Bayless on “First Take” Friday morning, the day after the Heat won the NBA title.

Even though Cuban accuses Skip Bayless of speaking in generalities and terms that can’t be proven (and he’s right about that), Cuban himself speaks in generalities when he accuses all sports writers of doing the same thing. But Mark did bring some excellent points to the table that silenced Bayless.

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Skip Bayless called out by Jalen Rose for being crappy high school basketball player

As I’ve stated before, I don’t ever watch Skip Bayless on TV or pay attention to anything he says, so I have no idea what he does or does not say on his show or Twitter feed. Apparently he was recently bragging about his high school basketball career and how his background as a starter on a team that lost in the state finals gives him credibility when discussing the Russell Westbrook dynamic on the Thunder. All that alleged credibility quickly went away when Jalen Rose pressed him with a few questions Tuesday morning.

During an argument about the Thunder and Russell Westbrook, Rose got Bayless to admit he averaged just 1.4 points per game as a senior in high school. He also got Bayless to admit he played on the JV team as a junior.

Bayless, clearly embarrassed and frustrated, said “We’ll address that later.” He apparently never did, but he found a way to immediately turn the tables back on Rose.

Normally I don’t encourage pointing the finger and laughing at someone but, in this case, I do.

Kevin Durant calls out Skip Bayless: ‘That guy doesn’t know a thing about basketball’

Kevin Durant called out resident ESPN antagonist Skip Bayless for his lack of basketball knowledge Monday. Responding to the clown’s apparent comments that Russell Westbrook shoots too much for the Thunder (don’t ask me, I don’t pay any attention to anything he says), Durant said “That guy doesn’t know a thing about basketball.”

The criticism of Russell Westbrook has been persistent since the playoffs last year when many media members/wanna-be critics watched the Thunder play for the first time. They were horrified by what they saw — that Westbrook is a playmaking point guard who tries to score rather than distribute — and began hammering him mercilessly. Apparently the complaints have continued for brainless Bayless, who gets paid big money to play the role of the outrageous antagonist for ESPN, even though the Thunder have the best record in the conference and second-best record in the league.

Oklahoma City is 20-4 when Westbrook takes more shots than Durant and they’ve won those games by 12.4 points on average.

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Stephen A. Smith Flips the Bird to Skip Bayless on ESPN (Picture)

Believe me, we do everything in our power here at LBS to not feed the beasts that are Stephen A. Smth and Skip Bayless.  Both guys are annoying, and we generally try not to talk about them unless one of them flips the other one off. Well, that happened on Thursday morning’s ESPN First Take. The above screenshot comes to us courtesy of @BDPFOLIFE. If you don’t believe it actually happened, we’ve got the NSFW shot waiting for you after the jump.

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Terrell Suggs to Skip Bayless: Be an Analyst, Don’t be a Douchebag (Video)

Typically I’m one of the first people who will tell you Terrell Suggs needs to stop talking and just play football.  Whether he’s complaining about the Ravens offense or telling everyone that the Broncos need God to save them, Suggs generally talks too much.  That being said, he was surprisingly quiet leading up to the AFC Championship game.  He refused to take the media’s bait on several different occasions and had nothing but positive things to say about Brady and the Patriots.  Leave it to Skip Bayless to get the motor going again fresh off the Ravens’ devastating loss on Sunday.  Have a look at this exchange between Bayless and Suggs on ESPN’s First Take Monday morning:

Apparently a situation arose in which Boldin fumbled the ball out of bounds and the Ravens thought they had a first down.  The ball cannot be advanced when a player fumbles it out of bounds for obvious reasons, but the play led to some confusion with the scoreboard.  Suggs mentioned that the play was strange, and Bayless took the opportunity to try to get him wound up about it.

“You know what I’m talking about with the confusion,” Suggs said. “When Anquan Boldin fumbled the ball out of bounds we thought (since) he fumbled it past the first down marker we had a first down, which we didn’t. … So, Skip, once again stop it. Be an analyst. Don’t be a douchebag. You know what I meant.”

Naturally, Skip responded by sighing and talking to Suggs like he’s a child: “Now watch your language. You’ve done well on this show until that point.”

Bayless gets paid to stir the pot, which is why he’s so annoying.  That’s why hearing him called a “douchebag” on live television is so satisfying.

Thanks to LBS reader Josh D. for pointing out the video

Skip Bayless is officially an idiot; not impressed by a 1-hitter

OK, it’s official. We knew that Skip Bayless liked to argue, and that he has his way of dissuading people and diminishing all accomplishments. But Friday morning he took it to an all new low. The topic of Curt Schilling’s one-hitter against the A’s came up. There are several parts of the game that stood out to me. First, Schilling came within two outs of a no-hitter — that’s not easy to do. Second, he did all this in a 1-0 game, when all it took was a walk followed by a home run for him to become the loser. Third, the Red Sox had lost four in a row, and were on the verge of being swept when he broke out with the gem. But unfortunately for Skip, Mr. Bayless was “not especially impressed.”

Varitek his catcher said he didn’t have his best stuff in the bullpen. Coco Crisp makes a terrific over over-the-shoulder catch in center. Mike Lowell makes a terrific play at third base. And there was a lot of luck involved because a lot of balls were hit sharply but at them. Remember he struck out only four batters. In his one-hitter against Milwaukee, he struck out 17 — that is no-hit stuff.

Come on Skip, how can you possibly nit-pick this performance? Seriously. Sorry not all contests can be perfect games. Then again, Skip would find a way to be unimpressed by one of those.