DeSean Jackson and girlfriend Chantel Jeffries cook breakfast

DeSean Jackson girlfriend Chantel Jeffries

DeSean Jackson is living the life. He has a young girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries, who is a model, and he showed off to all of his Instagram followers on Tuesday by sharing a picture of her cooking them breakfast.

Jackson and Jeffries seem to have been dating since at least January. They have included mentions of one another on social media over the past several months. Earlier in May, Jeffries shared a few pictures of the two of them together, and Jackson topped them all with the breakfast shot.

On her Instagram account, Jeffries describes herself as a college student studying acting. She has talked in the past about her modeling photos being used by Playboy online and other outlets, so we know she’s pretty accomplished. One clothing line she’s always promoting is Fine Ass Girls. And ready for this one last interesting tidbit? Jeffries appears to have gone out with Justin Combs in the past and even went to his prom. Combs, in case you’re unfamiliar, is Diddy’s son and a football player at UCLA.

Below are more photos of Jeffries, and some photos of her with Jackson:

DeSean Jackson Chantel Jeffries DeSean Jackson Chantel Jeffries Chantel Jeffries bikini Chantel Jeffries DeSean Jackson

Chantel Jeffries bikini Chantel Jeffries Chantel Jeffries bikini Chantel Jeffries bikini

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  • Terminatus

    Did the writer actually use the word “accomplished” when describing this skank? And sorry, pouty lips and a big 4$$ doesn’t make you a model, lmfao!!

  • bumboo58

    She has dumped this walking erection for white trash Justin. She know where is the dough.

  • Monique Elliott

    Oh so this girl is a whore. Close your legs slut…JB your better off with Selena at least she hasn’t screwed multiple random men by now.

  • Van Basten

    Eh, I’d say she’s pretty hot. A whore, but still has good looks. One night stand sort of gal. But, now she’s off sucking the life out of Bieber that thinks she actually likes him.

  • Van Basten

    Lmao! Walking erection, ya know she was getting plowed. Haha, this made me laugh. Now it’s all about sucking the life out of Bieber with a fake smile.