Report: WWE settles lawsuit with Owen Hart’s widow

Owen HartThe widow of Owen Hart said Wednesday she has settled a lawsuit with WWE stemming from the wrestling company’s improper use of the image of her deceased husband, according to multiple reports.

Martha Hart filed her suit against WWE in June 2010 saying that the company violated a contract by using Owen’s image. She also said they were not paying out royalties.

TWNP News said in March the lawsuit was over WWE’s use of “Owen Hart’s name and likeness as well as personal photos of Hart’s family in the ‘Hart & Soul’ WWE DVD.”

The matter was scheduled to go to trial in June before the settlement was reached. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Hart also sued the WWF following her husband’s death and reached a settlement in 2000 for $18 million. She used portions of the money to establish the Owen Hart Foundation. The wrestler died while attempting a failed ring entrance in 1999 at the WWF’s Over the Edge event. He fell approximately 90 feet while being lowered into the ring at Kemper Arena in Kansas City.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Smith/100003927837470 Jane Smith

    The WWE is a publicly traded company with the controlling interest owned by Vince McMahon & his family. He is a money hungry pig who should pay through the nose for reaping profit from the death of Owen Hart which was caused by negligence. Selling a DVD, without first getting permission from the family to use his image, is McMahon in a nutshell. I hope his widow’s attorneys got every dime they could squeeze out of the McMahon’s treasure chest. I’m also glad that Linda McMahon didn’t win her election to get into the Senate. We have too many self-centered, personal agenda driven politicians ruining this country. We don’t need one more.