11-year-old Boy Nate Smith Makes $50,000 Shot at Halftime of Charity Hockey Game

You know those halftime contests at hockey and basketball games where participants try to make a shot from midcourt? Yeah, well an 11-year-old boy actually made his shot from center ice last week during a charity hockey game at Shattuck St. Mary’s, Minnesota. KARE-TV has the story:

The kid sends a 3″ puck through a three-and-a-half inch wide slot from 89 feet away and he might not get to keep the prize. Can you believe that? Those insurance companies always find a way to get out of the prize. The kid won the contest. I don’t care if his brother’s name was called — give him the $50,000 prize!

But seriously, how awesome was that? The shot easily fits in with the amazing plays we’ve shown here at LBS. It probably was more impressive than this half-court shot a fan made at a Sacramento Kings game in Frebruary.

via Fark, also seen at Puck Daddy

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  • Anonymous

    HIO insurance won’t pay it.

  • Jeffrey Williams

    so now we reward cheaters?  better he learn this lesson young; cheaters never win and winners always cheat

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I6LR4WJLIGKDCQ4ELTUADCQPQE Kip

    would have been paid if they used American Hole N One

  • Anonymous

    and I was driving the new jeep in our promotion that a guy won in the same fashion and hole in one would not pay for it simply because the on ice cameramen weren’t in the required places to properly capture it going through. he shot it, it went in, he won, they fought it, they won, they didn’t pay. they are bastards

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    why bother hosting the contest if you’re not going to pay it, you know?

  • Anonymous

    Think of it this way, when the father allowed the child that wasn’t the right one to go down for the shot, he took an opportunity away from another contestant that would have had his or her name called because the right kid was outside the arena. The rules of the insurance contract were broken and the insurance company has every right to not pay.

  • Anonymous

    Think of it this way, when the father allowed the child that wasn’t the right one to go down for the shot, he took an opportunity away from another contestant that would have had his or her name called because the right kid was outside the arena. The rules of the insurance contract were broken and the insurance company has every right to not pay.

  • Anonymous

    Were the insurance rules broken? Or is the insurance just insuring against the probability of the shot being made? Do the insurance rules even mention it must be the hand written name on the ticket?  

  • Jennifer Bowen

    Why are insurance companies involved anyway?  If the teams management offers a contest, why don’t they pay it out of the teams own pockets?   You don’t offer what you can’t afford to give away.

  • Anonymous

    If I was the boy’s parent I would
    call an attorney and sue them for the $50,000. They would not know who took the
    shot. It does not matter which one did it. What matters is that he won and they
    need to pay him his money. This looks like fraud on Odds On Promotions of Reno,
    Nevada part. I think they should pay the boy or at least set him up with a
    $50,000 college fund with a bank of 
    their choice but to give him nothing and took his money for ticket is
    WRONG! I bet it would not have matter if the other boy made the shot. They would not have paid them for a different reason.

  • Anonymous

    This is as bad as the half basket ball shot from center court. They never paid any of them either. Final  4 games. They refused to pay some because their feet was off floor for 2 seconds. This was in Arkansas.
    Some radio station was giving two tickets to the game and 2 shots to win $10,000 for cenetr court. They where sued and they lost. They where ordered to pay and never did.

  • Anonymous

    THEN THEY NEED TO GIVE ALL THE MONEY BACK TO the fans that paid to see it happen…Crooks that’s what they….sounds much like a ghetto raffle…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6YV32EE2OPEZJV2NCRKQXGMUQ Vincent

    That boy deserve the $50,000. If you make a promise to pay and then don’t hold up to your part of the bargain- send it to collections!

  • Anonymous

    I hope some hockey star will pony up the money and make us proud.

  • Anonymous

    First off, you have to understand the facts. You get businesses to sponsor these contests for charities.  These businesses get asked by several groups to do this several times a year. There are policies they purchase with their money (which is considered their donation) to cover the event if the prize is won which it is every so often.  This is certainly not the first time.   The teams are just trying to help.  They get bombarded by everyone as do the car dealerships, etc. and you can’t possibly expect them to come up with that kind of money.  They run a business and it has its own expenses to cover.All kinds of paperwork have to be filled out to sponsor something like this.  I have worked with car dealerships to sponsor hole-in-one contests before and that is how it is.  That, OF COURSE, means that there are rules and regulations to go with the contest or, thus, it is NOT a fair and legitimate contest. If people don’t know how to abide by the rules set out they shouldn’t participate and ruin it for others.
    Now….that WAS an awesome shot.  BUT…that was NOT the name drawn to be given that opportunity.   He could have tried correcting the name BEFORE he knowingly went out there and acted like his brother. Granted he played in hockey leagues, it took some talent AND some luck.  However, it was a SWITCHOUT!   You can’t do that.  Period.   I don’t care if it was an extremely hard shot or a very easy shot, they were dishonest.   You can’t tell me that people who knew the boys didnt know who was who and they kept announcing the other boy’s name when in actuality it was the other.  They HAD to fess up eventually just to save face to those who knew.  And let’s just make this clear:   my younger brother’s name was also drawn for this same shot at a hockey game in a different city years ago….and he ALSO “MADE THE SAME SHOT!”   Not impossible but hard. Yes, it was exciting and fun to watch.  It was also legitimate.   I’m thinking he was happy to win the large tv set that was his prize.  He would have been thrilled to  to have instead been responsible for a business to donate $20,000 to his hockey league.  They DO NOT HAVE to do that!  How respectful of them.  I think that is so awesome.  People should be thanking them for going to the heart of the event (hockey) and helping future kids play the sport. They found a way to award tons of kids by that donation!!

    If you start breaking these long set out rules for one guiltly person then where will it all end.  That would not be fair.   That’s when you ask …THEN why hold the contest??  In other words….you are all going after the wrong players!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H6IYVO26Z4SDHQWWSJFNFSJ4 Linda Loo

    OH come on the  contest was ” make the Impossible  Shot .. win the money ”
    Nate did just that! and deserves the money . Its unfair to all of us who enter contest to see they Wiesel  out

  • Anonymous

    Those self-righteous, selfish, no-good bastards!!! Scam in America is out of control! All this legal jargon is BS. I’m so sick of it. An HONESTY policy has no place left in the American Culture. Its pathetic what these large, greedy corporations have done to this country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GZIT4UOFOFQLHBND3G4AXARQXY Mr D

    Yeah lets reward the kid for LYING.  He wasn’t who he said he was and for some reason all you idiots think that’s ok. I say he shopuld get nothing except for a well desrved lesson in being honest………

  • Yellow Ranger

    Hey this is really ridiculous! I mean, if they would not pay the cash, why did they host the contest? Man, this is a load of stinking rubbish!

  • Anonymous

    The family should get the Money because one of their chilren “made the shot.” It shouldn’t matter which of the brothers got on the ice…the “FACT” was he “MADE THE SHOT!” The father bought the raffle ticket and the boy should be rewarded. How many people have enterd a contest and put thier spouce’s or children’s name on a raffle ticket, I know I have and will keep doing it. I have 2 boys and I know that if my youngest son would have beeen called, he never would have gone down thier. He is terribley shy and hates crowds. He would have begged and pleaded for his older brother (by 2 years) to take the shot for him. “They didn’t hurt another family, they just had another one of thier children make the shot.” I DON’T SEE ANY PROBLEMS HERE, EXCEPT, THE GREEDY INSURANCE AGENCY THAT DOESN’T WANT TO PAY! WHO EVER MADE THE SHOT, THEY SHOULD BE RECEIVING THE MONEY!” Obviously, the boys father is trying to show that people should always be honest…honesty should always be rewarded!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Jan/1531639225 Bryan Jan

    So everyone should just boycott their games until the kid gets his due.  I bet revenue form just one game is a hell of a lot higher than $50K.

  • Anonymous

    So….whats the name of the company that’s dirtbagging this kid?