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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ohio Bobcat Busted for Rumbling with Brutus the Buckeye

We love our mascot fights here at LBS. Whether it’s the James Madison Duke picking a fight with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleer or the New Mexico State and Utah State mascots fighting, nothing tops a couple of furry costumed creatures going after each other. The best fights are the ones where the action is all one way. Such was the case for Brutus the Buckeye Saturday, who was attacked by the Ohio U. Bobcat mascot while he was entering the field. Check out this sweet video courtesy of Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks:

As you could imagine, the Ohio’s administrators came down pretty hard on the Bobcat for that attack. He can no longer have any affiliation with the school’s athletic department. That’s just a shame. If he was going to get in trouble over the fight, he should have at least gotten his money’s worth like the Oregon Duck on the Houston Cougar. Nothing tops that legendary beatdown!

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