Jay Cutler Jersey Burned by Angry Chicago Bears Fans After Loss to Packers

Sunday’s NFC Championship Game had to be one of the worst days in Jay Cutler’s pro career, if not the worst. Not only was he unable to do much against Green Bay’s excellent defense but he also got hurt. A knee injury forced him to leave the game in favor of Todd Collins, who eventually was replaced by a much more effective Caleb Hanie. Current and former players ripped Cutler for pulling out of the NFC Championship Game, and Bears fans were likewise extremely upset. It didn’t take much time for them to express their anger by burning his jersey, LeBron James style. Check out this video of Bears fans burning Jay Cutler’s jersey after their loss to the Packers:

This is going to be one long off-season in Chicago. September can’t get here soon enough if I’m Cutler.

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    retarded attention whores

  • http://twitter.com/HaydenMcCabe Hayden McCabe

    this is a bad fan you havent seen his xrays or anything you dont know if hes actually hurt and you call yourselves fans you should be ashamed just throw all ur nfl stuff away stick through the rough and stop being whiney crybabies