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Friday, June 22, 2018

Lou Holtz Being a Jerk to an Intern (Video)

This is exactly why you want to treat people well no matter who they are. Check out this video of Lou Holtz being a jerk to an intern nine years ago when he was the coach at South Carolina:

The Wiz of Odds, who shared the video with us, also includes a video of Christin Wilson (the intern from the video) being interviewed now, talking about the Holtz experience. You should check that out to hear the full story behind the video. Sure the TV station may have been having problems, but that’s no reason to act like a jerk the way he did. It also reminds me of something a former Holtz assistant once said about him, “I want to be there when he dies to make sure they bury him six feet under.” Ouch. He may be “Doctor Lou” on ESPN, but he’s a jerk to many people who have interacted with him personally.

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