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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Memphis newspaper confuses Juwan Howard for David Fizdale

Juwan Howard David Fizdale

One Memphis newspaper is feeling embarrassed on Friday after running a photo of Juwan Howard that they thought was of David Fizdale.

Fizdale was hired as head coach by the Grizzlies this week after previously serving as an assistant coach for the Miami Heat.

While running a photo for a story talking about Fizdale, the Memphis Commercial Appeal used one of Heat coach Erik Spoelstra with an assistant. Unfortunately that assistant was Howard, not Fizdale.

I guess they sorta look alike? Not really, but they have to do better.

Rajai Davis loses two fly balls in the sun in one inning


You want to see a bad individual inning? This might be the worst of the young season so far.

Cleveland Indians center fielder Rajai Davis had to deal with a rather imposing sun on Sunday against the Mets, but not even he could have imagined the trouble he’d have trying to catch fly balls.

Two times in the span of four batters, Davis was faced with two fly balls that should have been routine, but even with his sunglasses and his glove, Davis had no chance.

They ended up being a triple and a double, respectively. Both came with two outs. The first came with nobody on, so it would have ended the inning and thus led to two runs. The second misplay led to a third run. Basically, it was the worst possible combination of scenarios.

Cleveland lost 6-0, and Davis will want to put this behind him quickly. At least you can understand what happened on those plays, unlike what happened here in the same ballpark.

Adam Schefter ticked ESPN fell for phony Olivier Vernon report

Adam Schefter ESPN

Adam Schefter was ticked off Wednesday when he had to cover the rears of his ESPN colleagues who passed on news from a phony Twitter account.

A phony Twitter account tweeted that the Jaguars had signed Olivier Vernon. This tweet was picked up by someone at ESPN, and it led to the “NFL Live” crew to discuss the move.

Here’s a look at the tweet that duped them:

Schefter, who is the network’s top reporter, then went on air to put his colleagues in check. He was not happy:

On the bright side, ESPN finally credited FOX Sports for a scoop. Unfortunately it was for a phony report.

Total Beauty Twitter account confuses Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah

The dumbest person in America must be running the Total Beauty Twitter account, because they sent out one of the worst, most embarrassing and pathetic tweets we’ve ever seen during the pre-Oscars show.

Take a look at this:

Total Beauty Oprah tweet

You’re right — we didn’t know Oprah had tattoos either. We’re still not sure she does.

That’s because you’re looking at Whoopi Goldberg. What’s up, Total Beauty, nobody on your staff ever watch Sister Act? Did The Color Purple or Ghost slip under your radar? Or do all black people really just look that alike?

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Ohio State player does floor slap on defense, gets driven past


The floor slap is an oft-used motivational tactic, so to speak. The defender has the floor locked down. Come at us, we dare you.

On Saturday, one Ohio State player found out the hard way that that doesn’t always work.

This is Jae’Sean Tate facing up Nebraska’s Jai Webster in overtime, clearly looking for a stop:

That is not how you defend.

Tate actually had a good night – 15 points and 12 rebounds – and the Buckeyes won, so no harm, no foul, and he seemed to take the embarrassment well:

Perhaps this is how Duke should handle floor slap disrespect going forward.

Jeopardy contestant gets Alabama question wrong, answers Auburn

Jeopardy Steve

One contestant on “Jeopardy!” better not ever set foot on the University of Alabama campus after his blunder Tuesday night.

One of the categories on the game show was “colleges by team names.” The first clue/answer was “Crimson Tide.” A contestant by the name of Steve answered Auburn.

Alabama residents who couldn’t name five elements on the periodic table for you could all tell you that the Crimson Tide is Alabama, not Auburn. And that was a $200 question too, not a trick, making matters for Steve even more confounding.

But, hey, being on Jeopardy isn’t as easy as it seems. I can tell you from my experience on Sports Jeopardy! last year.

Steve Harvey botches Miss Universe winner, memes ensue (Video)

Steve Harvey undid almost all of the great work from his career with one of the bigger blunders in recent TV history.

While hosting the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Harvey announced the wrong winner before later having to correct himself, thereby dethroning the woman who thought she had won, and giving the title to someone who thought she had lost.

Poor Miss Colombia for having to go through that, and congratulations to Miss Philippines.

Of course, why would you put “first” runner-up if the person finished second? You’re just trying to trick Harvey. The memes and jokes to come as a result were pretty good: