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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Michael Bennett hilariously calls out Paul Allen after game (Video)

Michael Bennett Kam Chancellor

Michael Bennett, who might just be the greatest trash talker in the NFL, was up to no good after the Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 13-10 on “Monday Night Football.” And by no good, we mean he did something totally awesome.

After Kam Chancellor made a spectacular play to knock the ball loose at the goal line that prevented the Lions from winning the game, Bennett interrupted his teammate’s postgame interview with ESPN by telling the Seahawks to pay the safety.

“Pay him! Paul Allen, 17th-richest man in the world! Pay him!” Bennett hilariously yelled.

Sorry to break it to you, Bennett, but the Seahawks owner has actually slipped and is the 51st-richest man in the world! Oh yeah, and they have salary caps in the NFL limiting what the rich guys can spend on their teams, sadly. But this makes at least two Seahawks players who are hoping Chancellor gets paid off after he returned to the team following a 2-game holdout.

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