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Deion Sanders annoyed his accusations against Colts have become big story

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders dropped a noteworthy accusation on Sunday that seemingly got lost in the Super Bowl shuffle, and the Hall of Fame cornerback is now annoyed that his comments have become a national story.

When the topics of Spygate and Deflategate came up after the New England Patriots’ miraculous comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, Sanders defended Bill Belichick’s team by claiming the Indianapolis Colts used to steal signals and everyone knew it. On Wednesday, former Colts coach Tony Dungy gave a lengthy response to the allegations from Sanders.

In an appearance on PFT Live, Dungy explained how there is a difference between legally and illegally stealing signs. He explained how sign-stealing has been a part of sports for nearly 200 years.

“Deion, I’m sure on every scouting report that he ever got, the first thing that’s on there on the defensive scouting reports, who is the live signal caller, who signals the personnel groups in. And that’s what happened,” Dungy said. “And you looked over there because you wanted to know as a defensive player: Is it going to be three wide receivers? Is it going to be two tight ends? Who’s in the game? There’s a person over there signaling and Deion Sanders and every other defensive player would look at the offensive sideline to get that signal. So that is football. And I’m not sure what Deion is referring to, really.

‘That’s all part of the game, but doing it legally and illegally, that’s the difference. I hope Deion is not saying we did something illegally. Of course we got signals when we had an opportunity to do that, and so did Deion.”

After Dungy’s response gained steam, Sanders fired off a series of tweets. Was he backpedaling? Was he standing by what he said? It’s kind of hard to tell.

The biggest issue with Spygate was that the Patriots were illegally videotaping signals. Unless Sanders has information about the Colts doing something similar, you can understand why Dungy — who is notoriously paranoid about cheating — was offended by the accusation.

Deion Sanders accuses Colts of stealing signals

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has the New England Patriots’ back.

During a discussion on NFL Network after the Patriots won the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime, Sanders backed up the Pats regarding the team’s legacy.

Fellow analyst LaDainian Tomlinson noted that detractors would bring up Spygate as something that tarnishes the legacy of the Patriots and causes a reason for them to have an asterisk. Sanders vigorously dismissed such talk.

“Did those critics say anything about the wins that the Indianapolis Colts had? Because they were getting everybody’s signals,” Sanders said on NFL Network after the game.

“C’mon, you walk up to the line and you look over here and the man on the sideline is giving you the defense that they’ve stolen the plays of. We all knew. Everybody in the NFL knew; we just didn’t let the fans know,” a passionate Sanders said.

“That was real and that was happening in Indy.”

The fire was alive inside Deion as he spoke those words. He talked like a man who felt personally cheated by some of the Colts teams.

Some like Ray Lewis have said that the Pats deserve an asterisk because of Spygate, but Sanders says no.

Some could also call into question whether Deion has a personal bias against Indy, because he’s gone hard after Peyton Manning in the past, although he never specified what years the Colts cheated.

Deion Sanders’ son accused of brutally beating high school employee


Deion Sanders’ teenage son has been accused of brutally beating a high school employee so badly that the man needed emergency spinal surgery.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, John Darjean says he tried to confiscate the younger Sanders’ phone in September 2015 after the student was breaking school rules by using it on campus during school hours. Darjean says Sanders refused to turn over the phone and instead violently attacked him.

Darjean was transported to a local hospital, where he says he later had to undergo spinal surgery.

TMZ also reports that the insurance company that was responsible for paying Darjean’s workers compensation while he was recovering from his injuries is suing Deion and his ex-wife Pilar for $26,000, claiming the couple knew of their son’s history of reckless behavior and did nothing. Deion and Pilar finalized their divorce in 2013 after some ugly court battles, and Deion celebrated with these tweets at the time.

One of Sanders’ other sons, Deion Jr., is heading into his senior season as a defensive back at SMU.

Bruce Arians compares Patrick Peterson to Deion Sanders

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson has been having an outstanding season this year. In 2014, the four-time Pro Bowler did not look like the great cover cornerback we had grown used to seeing in previous years.

But 2015 has been a rejuvenation of sorts for Peterson. Does that mean he deserves to be compared to arguably the greatest shutdown cornerback of all time? Cardinals coach Bruce Arians thinks so.

It should be noted that Peterson hasn’t exactly faced elite competition in recent weeks. Aside from A.J. Green in Week 11, Arizona has gone up against teams without top-flight receiving options like the Browns, Seahawks and 49ers. That said, Peterson is playing great football.

Is he playing Prime Time football? I wouldn’t go that far, but he is certainly one of the reasons the Cardinals are 9-2 and in contention for a first-round playoff bye. For now, we can safely put Peterson somewhere between Deion Sanders and the way Richard Sherman views the Arizona corner.

Deion Sanders had an intense Father’s Day Instagram post


No one in the world of professional sports created a more detailed and intense social media post about Father’s Day on Sunday than Deion Sanders.

Sanders, a former NFL star who has five children and has been married twice, got into a lot of personal stuff, including but not limited to a mention of sleeping with two women at the same time. That wasn’t the bottom line, however. Here’s what the Instagram post said in its entirety:

“Just because I have a penis doesn’t mean that I’m a Man. It simply means I’m a male. I didn’t become a man at the age of 18 or 21 when the world deemed me to be legal to drink, fight for my beloved country and to enter a night club. I didnt become a man when my 1st or 2nd child was born. I didnt become a man when I made my 1st or 10th MILLION. I didnt become a man when I won superbowls and played in the world series. I didn’t become a man when I slept with 2 woman at a time. I didn’t become a man when I had Lamborghinis and several cars in my driveway. I didn’t become a man when I bought 100s of suits with gators to match. I didn’t become a man when many thought I was the man. I didn’t become a man when you called me a role model but I was a model playing a role.

“I became a man when I accepted responsibility of my life, my ways and others. I became a man when I learned to love me and forgive me. I became a man when I stopped allowing the pain of yesterday to influence me today. I became a man when I realized I don’t have to be the perfect father but a present father. I became a man when I learned not to love something that didnt have the capacity to love me back.

“When I put away childish,simple minded,egotistical speaking,Understanding and thinking I then became a man. I’m certainly not a perfect man but I’m a Good man who’s playing his position of a Father like he played the corner. TBE! How could I give more to a game or a fan than I give to my children. When we celebrate Fathers day it means more to me than just a text, tweet, Instagram or email. I had a biological father and a wonderful step father that are deceased. We never exchanged the simple words I LOVE YOU so I don’t take this day for granted. All the men that are real Fathers & real Men HAPPY FATHERS DAY. To all the mothers playing both positions HAPPY FATHERS DAY and to all the Grandparents,Uncles and Friends stepping up and in the battle to raise these kids right HAPPY FATHERS DAY. GOD BLESS. #Truth #Deionsfamilyplaybook @owntv Saturday 8C. @RevJahwar @traceyeedmonds.”

Obviously, Deion had a lot on his mind.

As many of you know, Sanders has had a complicated relationship with his kids and spouses. There have been times when his interactions with one of his son’s made us laugh and others where he has been accused of doing some very irresponsible things.

Nevertheless, Sanders felt strongly about Father’s Day 2015.

Deion Sanders tells $1 million trust fund son to ‘stop the hood stuff’


Former NFL star and current analyst Deion Sanders is not afraid to tell the Twitter world how rich he is, which he proved on Thursday morning when he had an entertaining exchange with his son.

Deion Sanders Jr., who is a sophomore wide receiver at SMU, apparently likes to eat a certain type of donut that his father does not find suitable for the wealthy. So when Deion Jr. tweeted that he still buys the “hood doughnuts,” his old man was quick to remind him where he came from.

I’d be shocked if Sanders Jr. doesn’t hear about that one in the locker room.

As we know, the elder Sanders has never been shy about expressing himself on Twitter. Apparently even his family’s personal financial affairs are not considered private.

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Photo: Twitter/Deion Sanders Jr.

Deion Sanders: 49ers players want Jim Harbaugh out

Jim HarbaughThere have been few times in NFL history where a head coach has had as much success with a team as Jim Harbaugh has had with the San Francisco 49ers but still been considered persona non grata. The 2-2 Niners have reached the NFC Championship game in each of Harbaugh’s three seasons with the team, yet there is still speculation that the team wants him out. According to Deion Sanders, a quality win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday didn’t change any of that.

After the 49ers came from 21-10 down to beat the Eagles, Sanders said on the NFL Network that Harbaugh’s players want him gone.

“They want him out. They’re not on the same page,” Sanders said, per Gregg Rosenthal of Around the League. “I really want to know if they’re really playing for the head coach. I got a question with that. Are you really down with your head coach, San Francisco 49ers? Because the way it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down for your head coach. And that’s a problem.

“They really got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.”

As Rosenthal noted, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport also reported on Sunday that the complaints of several veteran Niners players are growing “louder and louder” because Harbaugh treats his players like children. That’s consistent with what Rapoport said earlier this month about Harbaugh losing his locker room.

At this point, it is starting to look like Harbaugh could be fired if the Niners wind up missing the playoffs. There have been some rumblings about Michigan being interested in him, but some believe the Wolverines would actually be more likely to target Jim’s brother John.

As long as he keeps winning, Harbaugh will keep the critics at bay. But if the Niners start losing, the team might pounce on the opportunity to use it as an excuse to push him out.

Devin Hester got penalty for paying tribute to Deion Sanders (Video)

Devin Hester surpassed Deion Sanders for most return touchdowns in NFL history during the Atlanta Falcons’ win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night. Hester’s 62-yard punt return score in the second quarter gave him sole possession of first on the all-time list with 20 return touchdowns. Hester paid tribute to Sanders on his way to the end zone, and he was penalized 15 yards for it.

[WATCH: Devin Hester breaks Deion Sanders’ record with 63-yard return TD]

Hester broke out Deion’s trademark high-step routine as he was sprinting down the sideline, and an official flagged him for taunting. I’m sure it was worth it, especially given the way the Falcons were blowing out the Bucs.


Sanders got emotional with Hester during a postgame interview on NFL Network.

“I’m overcome with emotions right now,” the Hall of Famer told Hester, via “Because I love you as a man, as a father, as a husband. I remember the beginning, man. I love you, dude. And I’m so proud of you, man. I’m so proud of you. You know that.”

Hester has now returned 14 punts, five kickoffs and one missed field goal for scores. He might end up padding his lead over Deion before he calls it a career.

Video via GIFD Sports

Deion Sanders says Johnny Manziel has ‘ghetto tendencies’ then denies it

Deion SandersDeion Sanders is a fan of Johnny Manziel because he likes the former Heisman Trophy winner’s flashy ways on the field. In fact, Primetime says Manziel’s behavior reminds him of the way he used to act, and that’s a big reason why Prime is a fan. But Deion had a little bit of a problem on Wednesday when he denied saying people will have a hard time accepting Manziel because the ex-A&M QB has “ghetto tendencies,” even though the comment was caught on audio.

Sanders was a guest on “Roland Martin Reports” and spent most of the interview defending DeSean Jackson. At the end of the interview, he was asked about Manziel.

Below is a transcription of what Deion said via the Roland Martin website:

SYBIL WILKES: So before you go, Deion, what do you think about all of this talk about Roland’s boy, Johnny Football, Johnny Manzel in all of the conversation about him?

DEION SANDERS: Oh, please. I love Johnny Football. See, the reason people won’t accept Johnny Football is because Johnny Football has ghetto tendencies. I love Johnny Football.

TOM JOYNER: He’s got ghetto tendencies?

ROLAND MARTIN: He’s got ghetto tendencies? What are ghetto tendencies, Prime Time?

DEION SANDERS: Because he was successful, he made it, and he let you all know he made it, and he was cocky, he was flamboyant, and he let you know.

ROLAND MARTIN: So he was a white Prime Time coming out of college.

DEION SANDERS: Thank you. And I love him. (Laughter) I love him. They had the music playing when he came in. Put his whole equipment up, who go out there all do your pro day with all your equipment on? (Laughter) That’s some hula stuff, I love Johnny Football.

They even posted the audio on their website (skip to the 6:27 mark to hear it):

Sanders’ point was understandable, but the phrasing “ghetto tendencies” is more than questionable.

Now here’s where the fun begins. Our friend Rob Littal at Black Sports Online says someone from Roland’s program sent him the audio clip along with the headline that Manziel has “ghetto tendencies” in an effort to receive more coverage and publicity for the story. One of Rob’s writers, Vashti Hurt, posted the story on their site, and Rob tweeted out the link. Someone showed the link to Sanders, who flipped out and denied saying what he said:

Unfortunately for Deion, the Roland program posted the audio clip on their site and transcribed all the comments, so everyone could hear and see exactly what Deion said. And there’s no denying that Deion said Manziel had “ghetto tendencies.”

Deion never apologized for denying making those comments, but that’s not too surprising. Would you expect him to admit where he was wrong?

Deion Sanders has harsh criticism for Peyton Manning: ‘This was horrible’

Peyton Manning head

Peyton Manning’s legacy was one of the biggest storylines for Super Bowl XLVIII. With a win in the game, he’d have two rings to go along with his record five regular-season MVPs and countless other passing records. There really wouldn’t be much of a knock against him if he won the second ring. But Manning lost, is now 1-2 in Super Bowls, and continues to be viewed by detractors as a player who doesn’t play well in big games. Some say Manning’s legacy should be unaffected by his performance, while others say his performance — and the manner in which his team lost — keeps him from being the best of all time.

One person who firmly believes Manning’s legacy is negatively affected by the Super Bowl is Deion Sanders. The NFL Network analyst says Manning did not live up to his standard.

“Unfortunately, a few of us guys sitting up here have gold jackets, and we hold people to a criteria unlike others,” Sanders said, speaking on behalf of himself, Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin.

“This is not good. What we saw tonight is not good. I can’t even tell you one thing that I saw that I can take home and say ‘man, that was alright.’ This was horrible. And it started from the first snap.”

Rich Eisen suggested that most quarterbacks would have struggled against Seattle’s defense, but Deion disagreed. He feels like Peyton should be criticized for the loss the same way he’s praised for wins.

“This is the problem. We praise Peyton — we should — for calling everything, taking his team to depths, broke every record known to man — then we give him all the credit. So now when they lose, it’s not his fault. Whose fault is it? It’s a team, right? But is it the team’s fault when you win? No, Peyton’s calling everything at the line.”

Sanders didn’t exactly explain himself in the most eloquent way, but he’s right.

Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. It’s impossible to dispute that. But for as great as he’s been in the regular season, there has always been a consistent pattern of disappointing performances in the postseason. That is every bit a part of his legacy as his regular season dominance.