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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Report: Stephen Curry likely to miss entire season with hand injury

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry underwent surgery to repair a broken left hand a week ago and is expected to miss at least three months, but it sounds like that would now be the best-case scenario for the two-time NBA MVP.

A Golden State Warriors source told Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher that Curry’s hand injury is “worse than initially thought” and will likely cost him the entire 2019-20 season. With Klay Thompson not expected to play this season due to a torn ACL he suffered in the NBA Finals, the Warriors may have no incentive put Curry back on the floor by the time he is fully healthy.

Curry is going to be re-evaluated at the beginning of February, and there’s a good chance Golden State will be out of contention at that point. They are off to a 2-6 start and have virtually no star power remaining outside of Draymond Green and — if you want to count him — D’Angelo Russell.

Between Kevin Durant’s departure and the injuries to Thompson and Curry, things unraveled for the Warriors in unprecedented fashion. It looked like they were positioned to dominate the Western Conference for years to come with a new arena and an ownership group that was willing to ignore the luxury tax to keep its core together, but all of that changed in a hurry. While it is possible that one bit of bad fortune could have been prevented, injuries are simply bad luck. The Warriors have had nothing but bad luck since the Finals last year.

Stephen Curry still wants to compete in 2020 Summer Olympics

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry’s broken left hand does not appear likely to change his mind about playing in the Olympics next summer.

Curry’s father Dell told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated that the guard still has every intention of making himself available for the Olympics in Tokyo despite his injury.

“Absolutely. That was definitely a goal coming into this year. He wants to play in the Olympics,” Dell Curry said Friday. “This is a little setback, but hopefully it’s a goal he can strive for through his rehab.”

Curry will be re-evaluated in three months. That will be around the start of February. He should be okay if he gets back toward the end of the NBA season, which appears likely. After that, it’s going to be up to Team USA coach Gregg Popovich.

Stephen Curry expected to miss at least three months following hand surgery

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors have gotten off to a rough start this season, and things are likely going to get even worse in the wake of Stephen Curry’s hand injury.

Curry underwent surgery to repair a broken left hand on Friday, and Marc Stein of the New York Times reports that he will be sidelined for at least three months.

Curry will be re-evaluated to see where he is at in three months, which means the Warriors are going to be without him until at least the beginning of February. He broke his hand in Wednesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns when he took a nasty fall while driving to the basket.

Things have truly gone from bad to worse for Golden State since the end of last season. They were already without Klay Thompson, who is expected to miss the entire season while recovering from a torn ACL. They also lost Kevin Durant in free agency, so it is now up to Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell to try to keep them afloat.

It seemed farfetched to think the Warriors wouldn’t make the playoffs even without Thompson and Durant, but that now looks like a legitimate possibility.

Steph Curry suffers broken hand after fall

Stephen Curry

Things could not be going much worse for the Golden State Warriors.

The Dubs were already playing shorthanded without Klay Thompson, who is recovering from a torn ACL, and now they will be without Stephen Curry for some time.

Curry suffered a broken left hand after this fall during Wednesday night’s game against the Phoenix Suns:

Curry will undergo further testing to see whether he needs surgery.

It’s unclear at this point how much time Curry might miss.

Kevin Durant’s departure and Klay Thompson’s surgery left Curry and Draymond Green as the remaining stars on the Warriors. Now without Curry, it will be up to D’Angelo Russell and Green to keep things rolling for the club.

Steph Curry responds to those taking shots at Warriors

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans 134-123 on Monday night for their first win of the season, which led Stephen Curry to respond to some of those taking shots at his team.

After the game, Curry made mention of those who have kicked the Warriors while they were down after an 0-2 start. He said it’s easy for them to take shots at the team while they’re retooling, and he says that’s fine.

Among those taking shots at the Warriors was Kendrick Perkins, a former Cavaliers player who holds a bias against Golden State due to his rivalry with them as a player.

Golden State is an easy target because they were so stacked and so good the last five years. Some fans and teams like seeing them fall back to earth after being almost unfairly good during their run, which saw them win three championships. But they lost Kevin Durant over the summer and Klay Thompson is recovering from a torn ACL. On top of that, they traded Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston retired. Plus Willie Cauley-Stein and Kevon Looney are currently injured.

The Warriors are beginning the season in a rough way and their leaders understand that. And they’re prepared to take on all haters.

Kendrick Perkins continues throwing shade at Warriors, Steph Curry

Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins was critical of the Golden State Warriors even when they were dominating the entire NBA en route to multiple championships, so it’s hardly a surprise that the former NBA big man is wasting no time dumping on them now that they are rebuilding.

As the Warriors were getting blown out for a second straight game against the Oklahoma City on Sunday, Perkins said he views this season as an opportunity to see what Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr are really made of. In Perk’s mind, not having Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant is not an excuse to fall into the toilet.

Perkins thinks Curry — a two-time NBA MVP — is overrated. He crushed him during the NBA Finals last season and said he comes up small in big situations but always gets a pass from the media. If Curry can’t carry the Warriors to at least a decent season, Perkins will likely feel his point has been proven.

Of course, Perkins is biased. His Cleveland Cavaliers teams lost to the Warriors twice in the NBA Finals, and he has a history of bad blood with Curry and some of his teammates. A lot of people are going to enjoy watching Golden State struggle this year, and Perkins is certainly among them.

Michael Jordan: Steph Curry is not a Hall of Famer yet

Michael Jordan

Leave it to Michael Jordan to throw some shade at a current NBA star.

Jordan sat down with NBC’s Craig Melvin for an interview on “Today” to talk about the two medical clinics he and his family funded in Charlotte to help underprivileged people. During the interview, MJ was asked whether he would still take Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon, James Worthy and Scottie Pippen as his four teammates going up against anyone. He said he would. Melvin brought up Steph Curry, and that’s when MJ said Curry wasn’t a Hall of Famer yet.

“He’s still a great player. Not a Hall of Famer yet, though. He’s not,” MJ said, punctuating his point.

Jordan is notorious for giving great players a hard time. He used to do the same with LeBron James.

Curry has already made six All-Star teams, won three championships, two NBA MVP awards, a scoring title, and he is the greatest shooter in the history of the sport. He is a career 43.6 percent 3-point shooter. He has revolutionized the game. If he retired tomorrow, he’d be a Hall of Famer. Michael is crazy for saying otherwise.