A-Rod Lied Face-to-Face on 60 Minutes

Remember these famous last words? “I have never used steroids. Period. I don’t know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never. The reference to me in Mr. Canseco’s book is absolutely false. I am against the use of steroids.” Yeah. How’d that work out for you Rafael Palmeiro? Apparently Alex Rodriguez is trying to join his former Rangers teammate by living in lying infamy. Check out this interview A-Fraud conducted with 60 Minutes in ’07:

You’re putting me in a tough spot … these are my teammates, my friends. Oh yeah? This is YOU we’re talking about. Who’s the fraud now, huh? This would put a black eye on the game? You’re the one putting the black eye on the game. Did you think you were just going to scoot through this without anyone finding out? Maybe this is why he’s supported Barry Bonds throughout the negativity. And I’ll always say it — be leery of anyone who defends a juicer; it probably means he’s juicing, too.

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  • SpinMax

    scum. all of them

  • Vanilla Face

    First time I heard this, I thought that when she paused after steroids the question was over before she went on to HGH and performance enhancers and it seems like A-Fraud just freezes. Also he gave a quick little smirk as he said “No.” It is a cue that the he believes he is superior and is prone to lie. And he gives a little twitch after that and it seems like he is trying to over-control his facial expressions. He smirks a couple of times through the interview and I don’t know if this is natural for him but it seems like he is relieving a lot of stress by also blinking a lot.

    He could be just in a lot of stress because of the topic of the interview or could just be his baseline.

    I also like how he seems stupid to the idea that Bonds has an asterisk next to his name. “Does he? Not yet.” As he gives off a little smirk. And the kicker to me is the “Innocent till proven guilt part” towards Bonds using. If he thought his buddy was innocent wouldn’t you just end the statement at innocent.

  • http://snarkybehavior.com Jon

    Classic body language when you’re lying or you don’t know the answer to something is to look up.