Alexei Ramirez checks eBay every now and then for his stolen gold medal

The only thing worse than having a valuable stolen is having one stolen that holds sentimental value. Unfortunately, White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez knows the feeling. Every now and then, Ramirez hops on eBay.com to search for a particular item — his 2004 Summer Olympics gold medal. According to to MLB.com, the medal Ramirez won as a part of Cuba’s championship squad in 2004 went missing during his travels after he signed with the White Sox in 2008. It was the only missing medal from a special case he had that held 15 he had won in various competitions in Cuba.

“The only thing missing was that one,” Ramirez explained. “That was the first thing I was looking for when I got to Chicago, and as soon as I saw it wasn’t there, I went crazy.”

Ramirez believes it may have gone missing at some point during his travels to Miami or Chicago. Now, the search consumes his thoughts. In fact, he says he would even take a replacement of the medal rather than the original. With the help of White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, who is friendly with the former Chairman of the United States Olympic Committee Peter Ueberroth, Ramirez sent a letter hoping to attain a duplicate. He has yet to hear back.

“Actually, having a copy would be the same thing,” Ramirez said. “You look at a picture with the championship. You see me there with it. That to me is the same. Whether it’s a copy or the original, just to have it, I would be ecstatic.”

As for the original medal, Ramirez is hoping someone might still return it if they stole it. In fact, he says he wouldn’t rat the person out.

“Just return my medal. I would be really happy. I won’t say anything.”

If an LBS reader is the culprit, we’d really appreciate if you’d do the right thing.

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  • Anonymous

     That sucks. Hopefully they’ll make a duplicate, and hopefully the thief gets caught.

    Anyway, as far as saving/buying on eBay in general goes:

    If you send the seller a question about an item, find another of their listings, and send the question from that item page, rather than from the one that you actually want. This will add a little bit of work for the seller, if they want to add the question/answer to the item description page that you are actually interested in.

    If you see an item that you want listed in auction format, send the seller a message asking if they will accept $x to end the auction early and sell the item to you. May be telling them that they would not have to wait as long to get their money (they would probably know that, but it still might help). If that does not work, use a sniping service such as Bidball.com to bid for you. It’ll bid in the last few seconds, helping you to save money and avoid shill bidding.

    Use a site like Ebuyersedge.com to set up saved searches. You’d get an e-mail whenever a match is listed. Especially good for “Buy It Now”s priced right.

    If the item that you are looking for is difficult to spell, try a misspelling search site like Typojoe.com to hopefully find some deals with items that have main keywords misspelled in the title. Other interested buyers might never see them. Then, if the item is listed an auction format, after a few days of no bids (hopefully anyway) send the seller and offer to end the auction early and sell the item to you. They may worry that no one is interested, and take whatever they can get.

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    It is very unfortunate that such valuable item was stolen from this athlete. His gold medal from the Summer Olympics is surely priceless. Hopefully, he can find this item soon and the one responsible can be accounted for the unlawful act.