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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A-Rod Regrets Not Signing With Mets

It’s been said for quite some time that Scott Boras is only interested in representing his clients’ monetary interests rather than personal interests. Alex Rodriguez admitted as much in a recent interview. He told the NY Daily News that he regrets not having signed with the Mets back when he was a free agent in 2000, the year he signed a 10 year $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers:

“I went for the contract when my true desire was to go play for the Mets”

The three-time MVP says that at some point after his opt-out decision in October, he realized he could have been heading for a similar scenario, with Boras dictating his next destination.

“So to make the right decision just feels really good,” Rodriguez said, “versus being taken down a road where I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where am I? Oh, $400 million to play in some place I hate? Great, I’ll blow my — head off.’

“I wanted to remain a Yankee and for once I put my money where my mouth was. It felt good to make a decision on my own and execute it – to deal with Hank and Hal (Steinbrenner) on a one-on-one basis and get a deal done.”

“If people want to question why I did it, I don’t care because it made me happy. If I had gone to Team X, Y or Z, it wouldn’t have made me happy. It would have been because Scott wanted me to go – it would have been for the most money. And then I’m always going to be known as a guy who always wanted the most money.”

Maybe those suggestions that A-Rod was listening less and less to Boras and that the two were parting ways are actually true. And maybe Boras is losing power like I had thought. I just can’t imagine Boras agreeing to become the fall-guy in the situation, taking all the heat in order to make his client (A-Rod), look better in the media; Boras has too large of an ego to let that happen. But signing an extension that gives you a newer version of the richest contract in baseball history doesn’t mean you’re not all about more money, A-Rod. The Yankees were the only team capable of giving you the most. I wonder if the Yankees will take this news as a slight.

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