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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BP Cup Name Change Suggestions

Back in April it was announced that the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs would have more than just bragging rights at stake during this year’s interleague play. The winner of the series between the teams will be awarded with the BP Crosstown Cup. Although I was excited when I heard the news, I put this into the back of my mind because there was another team in town who deserved my attention (*cough Blackhawks cough*). So it wasn’t until Friday when the Crosstown Classic began that I remembered what was on the line.

I don’t think any person who has a soul would want any association with BP after what they have done to the Gulf of Mexico. Although I’m sure there are complicated contracts that bond both teams to having BP sponsor the Crosstown Cup, I really think it needs a name change. I mean what does oil have to do with baseball anyway? So below I have listed some of my suggestions for the new cup name, feel free to submit your own:

1. The “Ozzie-Lou” Cup.

2. The “We’re Better than You” Cup.

3. The “Red Line” Cup. (If you’re not from Chicago, you take the red line to get to both U.S. Cellular and Wrigley Field).

4. The “We Can’t Get Above .500” Cup.

5. The “Only Trophy the Cubs will Ever Hold” Cup.

6. The “2005 is So Five Years Ago” Cup. (Happy now Cubs fans?)

7. The “Chicago Can’t Wait for the Bears and Blackhawks to be Playing Again” Cup.

I think they all have a nice ring to them, but you can choose your favorite. And although it’s highly unlikely that we will ever see the Crosstown Cup named any of the above, I do believe they need to try to change the sponsor for next year.

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