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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pujols Should Consider Hiring Bobby Cox as an Agent

You already know how I feel about Albert Pujols’ hitting abilities and all-around talent. Apparently my admiration for the St. Louis slugger can’t hold a candle to the way long-time Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox feels about him. When asked what Pujols’ next contract should be worth — after being asked to comment on the new extension Ryan Howard received from the Phillies — Cox had the following to say:

$50 million a year – at least. I’m sure the Cardinals will do everything they possibly can. He’s the best ballplayer in all of baseball. He does everything, too. He’s great defensively, he runs the bases great, he’s smart, and he’s the best hitter there is. I don’t know how you [put a price tag on it, compared to other players]. He’s the best, let’s put it that way.”

It’s safe to say Pujols won’t be getting $50 million a season from the Cardinals or any other team, but when a four-time manager of the year who has been managing the same team for twenty years gives you a compliment like that, it’s significant. Albert should absolutely be the highest paid player in baseball when his new deal is up, which will be at the end of next season (assuming the Cardinals pick up his $16 million option). There’s no other player in baseball right now who is a better all-around player — and it’s really not even close. Sorry, A-Rod.

Cox: Pujols worth $50 million [AP via Yahoo! Sports]
If Howard’s worth $25 million per, what about Pujols? [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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