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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Derek Jeter has no clue who Logan Morrison is (Video)

The second episode of “The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins” aired on Showtime Wednesday night, and it was equally entertaining as the first episode which featured copious amounts of Ozzie Guillen cursing. The highlight of the second episode was the clip seen above.

Marlins 1B/LF Logan Morrison was barely included in the first episode and bitched about his exclusion during the credits. Showtime made it up to him by making him the focal point of the second episode. They followed the Kansas City native as he traveled home for the All-Star break in search of a meeting with his idol George Brett. Along the way, LoMo had a chance meeting at a hotel with Derek Jeter, who had no clue who the Marlins outfielder was.

LoMo was standing at the top of an escalator with the Showtime cameras rolling behind him as Jeter made his ascent up the steps. Morrison said “Sup Jete, how you doing man?” and extended his hand for a shake. Jeter was polite and gave him a handshake, but Morrison acknowledged that Jeter had “No idea who I am.”

We can’t really blame Jeter. Given the setting, he probably just thought it was some random fan saying hi. Plus, Morrison plays in the NL and isn’t that well known. But how awesome was it to see one big leaguer — who is being featured on a prominent show no less — get put in place by another big leaguer? Fantastic.

Thanks to Hot Clicks for sharing the clip

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