Derek Jeter doesn’t see himself becoming a TV analyst after retiring

Derek Jeter is coming to the end of his career with the New York Yankees. Since he is one of the most popular players in MLB history, it makes sense that a lot of people have wondered if he will dabble in television as an analyst or commentator after he retires. The captain says it ain’t happening.

“I would have a hard time criticizing people,” Jeter said on a recent Brandon Steiner podcast, via the NY Daily News. “I know how difficult it is. A lot of times, ex-players come in and act like everything was so easy when they were playing. I played against them. I couldn’t criticize people. I think that would be difficult.”

Good for Jeter. We don’t really need any more Curt Schillings in the world — not that Jeter is in any way the same type of blowhard that Schilling is. But he makes a good point. There are so many former players who become analysts and rip on everyone that it has become annoyingly hypocritical.

That being said, never say never. Jeter may feel that way now, but once he finally decides to hang up the spikes there’s always a chance he could change his mind. Oftentimes guys don’t realize how much they miss the game until they have retired, and broadcasting is a good way to stay involved. Then again, this is the same Jeter who still dominates the dating scene like a college bro. He’ll probably have plenty to keep him busy in retirement.

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  • Gene

    Sandy Koufax couldn’t do it either even though he tried.  Kudos for Jeter to realize that color commentator  isn’t for everyone, especially nice guys.

    I am confident that, when he retires, Jeter is a bright enough guy to make further contributions to baseball in many other ways.

  • insidehalf

    When I USED to listen to Hawk Harrelson I got the impression he considered himself quite a player.  I saw him play.  I checked his numbers.  It didn’t all fit together.

  • SpinMax

     can’t stand it when some star player who is a below average broadcaster gets the job while a less known player who could be a good one doesn’t

  • http://www.usasports360.com/ Usa Sports 360

    he better start thinking about it soon. he is done in baseball that way it looks now. his legs can’t take much more. The Yankees are taking one hell of a beating on the left side of their infield.