Die, Danny Vinik, Die

I loathe you, Danny Vinik.  You are the anti-Steve Bartman, the next Jeffrey Maier. Danny Vinik ended the game for the Angels, making the play of the night for the Red Sox — outside of the Manny Ramirez walk off that’s headed to Canada — snagging that foul pop up from Jeff Mathis.

At the time, the Angels were up 3-2 in the game, with one out and men on the corners. If Mathis catches the foul ball, there’s two out, and then the Mike Lowell fly out to center ends the inning. Instead, Man Ram wound up walking, bringing up Lowell with only one out. That was it, game tied at 3, and the Angels couldn’t score any more runs. Matter of fact, they’ve only scored in one inning this entire series. That was their only chance — to be up 3-2 and hold it the entire game. Danny Vinik, you stink. More pics of the great grab after the jump.

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa); (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)Â ;Â (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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  • Craig

    The difference between Danny Vinik and Jeffrey Maier? The Maier catch was fan interference, Jeter should have been out. Vinik had every right to catch this ball.

  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    Baseball is a game of inches and this proves it…

  • JS

    Larry, Larry, Larry…where do I start??

    First, a ball in the stands, just as the Bartman ball, is out of play and the fans are entitled to catch it.

    Second, yes, Vinik is the guy who caught it, but, as with Bartman, EVERY fan in the section is reaching for the ball.

    Third, why are you vilifying a 17 year old and no mention in your story about Francisco Rodriguez, who with two out in the ninth, served up a home run derby pitch to Man Ram that I could have hit out over the Monster.

    Last, if the Angels are indeed eliminated, the goat is Bill Stoneman, who every off season and at trading deadline sits on his brains content to win the division and does bupkis to make the big move(s) to put the Angels on a par with the Red Sox and Yankees.

    But Danny Vinick is what fans and the media will talk about. Like Steve Bartman, who made the horrible decision in the that 2003 NLCS to leave Mark Prior to pitch into the 8th inning of game two when the Cubs led by ten after six innings, made the decision in the fateful 8th inning of game six not to have a reliever warming up and ready to come in when Prior tired, and of course, booted a double play ball that would have had the Cubs out of the 8th leading 3-1. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You’re right about balls in stands — it’s a natural reaction to go after it, and fans in Anaheim might have done the same thing. And the vilification is strictly in jest; I view the play as a key turning point, not a controversial play.

    The sad commentary is that the Angels are an inferior team that can’t score, needing every break to go their way. They’re desperate at this point, and Vinik’s catch didn’t help them.

    Oh yeah, and I agree on both accounts regarding Stoneman and Bartman.

  • http://matth614.blogspot.com/ Matt H

    Cleab and heads up play by a Boston fan. In a matter of a second he went from a nobody to a folk lore hero.

  • Steve K.

    Danny Vinik, along with all Red Sox fans, had his head in the game. Red Sox fans are always aware of what is happening in the game. Maybe it is because Fenway is so compact, they can’t help it. But everyone in the front row at a game at Fenway knows what they have to do before every pitch just in case the ball comes to them, just like Dustin Pedroia or Mike Lowell know what they have to do if a ground ball is hit to them.
    Danny Vinik… Boston’s 10th man
    Bugs… Cleveland’s 10th man

  • Alan

    What I think is funny is many would call this fan interference, but the Boston Redsox site calls this fan intervention. The kid is a hero, I guess. I’d do the same for my home team.

  • James

    “In a matter of a second he went from a nobody to a folk lore hero.”

    Well, not really a nobody. He probably had a multi-million dollar trust fund waiting for him next year when he turns 18.

  • JT

    That would have happened in Anaheim too. The Nation is everywhere.

  • urgod

    this kid is 17 and ur saying die danny die?? ur a sick fuck. go jack off to the rule book.

  • http://thehaternation.com NFL Adam

    That kid was lucky that it was the Angels on the field, because he probably would have done the same thing to Veritek and we would have had Bartman II.

    BTW, are the Angels ever going to get around to ear-holing the Sox? This is the second time they have purposely hit Vlad to get him out of the game. I’d like to see Ortiz and/or Manny taken out on a stretcher on Sunday.

  • Gene

    Of course, your piece was written in jest. However, this article would have more meaning if Bill Stoneman’s name appeared where Danny Vinik’s is now located.
    It is not often that an owner guarantees the fans a major offseason signing and gives his general manager carte blanche to do it – and the GM fails to pull the trigger. He then repeats the blunder at the trading deadline, and the Angels end up where most people thought they would, winners by default in the AL West, and losers as soon as the real season begins.
    RIP, the late Bill Stoneman.

  • http://letsgosox.blogspot.com jere

    “What I think is funny is many would call this fan interference, but the Boston Redsox site calls this fan intervention. ”

    No one who knows the rules would call this interference, because it was not, as many people have made clear here.