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Monday, June 18, 2018

Fan Jukes Four Security Guards

When a Philadelphia Phillies security guard Tasered a fan for running onto the field at Citizens Bank Park a couple of weeks ago, it apparently did little to strike fear into the hearts of prospective field-rushers.  Actually, a fan tried it again at the same ballpark the following night and was not Tasered, so maybe security guards have been told internally not to do that again.  In any event, fans continue to jump onto the field at baseball games — with less clothes on.  Perhaps the Tampa Bay Rays security team should have used a Taser to subdue a shirtless fan who ran onto the field on Saturday.  It would have at least saved them the embarrassment of making the fan look like Reggie Bush from his Heisman Trophy days.  Four security guards chased the fan and of course were able to tackle him, but not before he put a highlight-reel move on them that caused one to hit the turf.  The funny thing is the security guards don’t even appear to be in terrible shape.  Check out the video of a shirtless fan juking security guards, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks via Busted Coverage.

SI Hot Clicks
Weekend MLB Streaker Report: Shirtless Rays Fan Jukes Jacked Up Tampa Security Forces [Busted Coverage]

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