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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Frank Thomas Did Not do Steroids or HGH

With the Mitchell Report out and much of the congressional hearings over, it has come to our attention that Blue Jays DH Frank Thomas was the only active player to speak to Senator Mitchell while the investigation was being conducted. Even though the Union isn’t happy about that, I am, and so is Frank. The Big Hurt had some pretty strong words to defend his choice to speak with Mitchell:

For me, I’ve always been my own man. No one’s going to tell me not to talk to anyone, especially when I’ve got nothing to hide.

“There were a lot of guys who wanted to speak out,” Thomas said. “I’m glad I did speak out, because if I didn’t I would’ve been on that list of ‘Wouldn’t talk to George Mitchell.’ That would’ve put a stain on my career and I’m not going to let anyone stain my career.”

“It’s obvious now that there were a lot of guys involved with steroids and HGH. I’m shocked, because I played in that era and had to compete against it. But I’m shocked there were so many guys involved.”

I like everything about what Frank said. I’m glad he spoke out because he faced the man straight up, and there’s no better way to prove you have nothing to hide than meeting with the man face-to-face. It’s also pleasing because now we have at least one stud from the 90s that we can say did it cleanly without a question or hint of doubt. Much like PostmanR who directed my attention to the story, this makes me happy as a guy who’s always liked the Big Hurt.

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