Gary Matthews Jr.’s Agent Says Gary’s Sorry

How ridiculous is this — after causing a serious distraction — the worst the Angels have had since owner Arte Moreno took over and successfully changed the team’s name from Anaheim to Los Angeles — Gary Matthews Jr. apologized — sort of.

As noted by PostmanE in MLB Fanhouse, Gary Matthews Jr.’s agent had to apologize for Matthews causing such a distraction

“Gary regrets the distraction this story has caused the Angels’ front office, the manager and his staff, teammates and fans,” agent Scott Leventhal said in a statement. “However, given the ongoing investigation, he simply cannot discuss this matter until appropriate to do so. Gary sincerely apologizes for this distraction and is determined to resolve this issue in a timely manner.”

It’s about time someone from the Matthews camp spoke up. Of course anyone who reads this site already knows how I feel about Gary Matthews Jr., so I already had drawn my own conclusions. But how lame is that? You go out and hire OJ’s attorney (uh huh, that won’t draw any suspicions of guilt), remain mum for weeks, and then have your agent speak for you? How pathetic.

Bottom line, owner Arte Moreno has built the Angels into a well-respected organization of prominence; they are perennial contenders, draw more fans than most MLB teams, and overall are considered a classy organization. To Arte, the Angels are a business — they are HIS business.

And one thing Gary Matthews Jr. better get straight — nobody fucks with Arte’s business– ESPECIALLY when you represent the team’s biggest free-agent sign of the off-season and when you’ll be cashing in $50 million of the man’s money.

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  • Gene

    Kudos for Arte Moreno!!! I’m proud that the first owner to show any testicularity when it comes to this issue is a local team owner.

    At the other end of the spectrum are the ownerships of the Giants, Cardinals and Cubs, in no particular order, for theirlack of action involving Barry, Big Mac and Sammy. Peter McGowan gets a special award for making an concerted effort to go to the opposite extreme whenre Bonds is concerned.