Hanley Ramirez: Are the Marlins winning without me?

Hanley Ramirez may have been a problem in Miami, but he was not the problem. If he was truly a malcontent in the clubhouse and was hurting the team off the field, the Marlins did the right thing by getting rid of him.

On Thursday, Marlins team president David Samson told MLB.com the following when asked why Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers.

“We just realized we couldn’t win with him,” Samson said. “It was that simple.”

When asked about Samson’s comment, Hanley made a pretty good point.

“Now are they winning without me?” he asked according to the LA Times. “I don’t think it’s one guy. If it was me, you know, OK. I had a lot of good memories there. They gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues.”

Ramirez had his fair share of high points and low points in Florida, but he wasn’t the sole reason for either winning or losing. The Marlins had a winning percentage of .464 before trading Hanley this season. Without him, they have a record of 18-28 — or a .383 winning percentage. Trading their star infielder may have been necessary for Miami, but at the moment it appears to be more of a lose with me or lose without my type of situation.

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  • http://twitter.com/BallgameExpress Ballgame Express

    He definately underperformed and was in a funk. But that circus and the expectations on him to be “the man” was’t conducive. He is basically best as another solid piece to a good team..Marlins will smarten up and rebuild the good ole fashion way and we will have a winner here soon! Hanley is not ,was not, will not ever be a leader He is a quiet and good kid loves to play, to have a laugh but just misunderstood sort of a language thing maybe and he does have alot of pride but my real thought is that he had some umm extra help in bulking up a few years ago leading to his breakout seasons We have seen it a few times esp w/ DR guys to me OK no crime and forgetaboutit I think now he’s finding his real level which is hopefully 280 25 100 w 20 sb – not bad but not superstar.