Mark Buehrle Stands by His Michael Vick Comments

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle made headlines a week ago for saying he and his wife rooted for Michael Vick to get hurt when watching football games. The exact quote, which was later removed from the MLB.com article, was “He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

Buehrle’s remarks were controversial because of his extreme negative feelings towards Vick. Disliking someone to the point that you wish injury upon them is about as harsh as it gets. It’s not exactly poisoning trees, but it’s really bad.

Well Buehrle was asked about his controversial comments during Spring Training and stood by them. “I said it. It’s an old story. Again, we are not bringing drama inside and past history stuff. So, I said it, meant it. It’s over, and we’ll move on.”

The best point of all is one raised by Rick Chandler at Off the Bench last week. Chandler noted that Buehrle enjoys hunting, and he even dug up an old story about Buehrle killing a bear. In terms of ethics, how can Buehrle despise Vick for killing dogs while he willingly kills other animals? Outside of a way of life our society deems right and wrong, what makes Buehrle’s hobby of hunting acceptable? If you’re a professed animal lover, that should apply to all animals, right? What makes dogs any different from bears?

Buehrle rests his answer upon the foundation of our societies norms, but his answer lacks any genuine basis. Maybe he should listen to the critics and realize how out of line he was for his feelings about Vick, and how hypocritical it makes him. Then maybe next time he’ll understand the error of his remarks.

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  • Nolas_own

    There’s a big difference for hating a man for torturing an animal (electrocution, hanging and forcing an animal to fight for it’s life is torture) and killing an animal for food..  To hunt an animal is part of the natural order.  There is no horror in a deer being born, living and dying – yes violently, suddenly, but also naturally – in the wild.  It has gone on for eons.

    In fact, it is ethically superior to hunt and eat an animal that lives in the the wild oppossed to eating an animal that was born in a cage, raised in a cage and lead to slaughter.  Hunters are respectful and thankful for what they take, while people in fast food restaurants shovel what was once a living creature, raised in slave-like conditions, into their mouths without any thought of the life it was once part of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alejandra.izaguirre.771 Alejandra Izaguirre

    Couldn’t have said it better, Nolas_own.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5PLQJEZHHTNOEQNFQK4U736S3M Non Partisan Voter

    Hunting is a somewhat quick death. Torture  is what dog fighters do to dogs and( and factory farms are to farm animals, for that matter) is long term,  continual  and brutal. How you can equate the two is beyond me, and I dont condone hunting…