Reggie Jackson Crushes Both Jews and A-Rod in Only Two Minutes

Yeah, much like Will Brinson put it at Fanhouse, it only took Reggie Jackson two minutes to offend Jewish people, and take a jab at A-Rod. It started off with Reggie negotiating with an artist, asking the man if he was Jewish because he was working a tough negotiation. And that resulted in the following video taken by an NY Post cameraman:

I’m glad Reggie clarified that about his daughter because I was getting pretty interested for a second there. The artist apparently tried to cover up for Reggie saying he wasn’t anti-Semitic, but it’s just not a good idea to use a stereotype against any group at any time. Thing is, Don Imus did the exact same thing by stereotyping a group with his Pacman Jones, “What color is he? Well there you go” comment. Jackson’s not going to take that type of heat for his remark because there’s a double-standard depending on what group you offend. And come on Mr. October, what’s up with you ragging on A-Rod, too?

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  • http://www.UCLAradio.com the driver

    his daughter is bangin’ (50 bucks says that is just some breezy)

  • Gene

    Reggie’s comment about Jews was an outrageous stereotypical characterization, but nothing will happen because of the double standard. It was no better or worse than Al Campanis’ or Don Imus’ comments, and much less offensive than Reggie White’s. It is amazing that we seem to hold African Americans to a lower standard of behavior than other ethnic groups. In a totally color blind society, everyone should be held to the same standard of behavior and punished in the same manner.

    It is disgraceful that Reggie was an honored guest on Home Run Derby last evening as if the slur never took place.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The story has already been brushed aside like nothing happened