Torii Hunter Ejected After Flipping Out

Just a few days after praising Torii Hunter for doing something very few star athletes would do, we’re talking about him for a bad reason. Hunter continued his hot hitting by bashing a two-run home run to center in the first against the Tigers. In the 8th however, Hunter lost it. Torii didn’t like the called strike on the first pitch of his at-bat against Ryan Perry and let home plate umpire Ron Kulpa know about it. Hunter proceeded to take called strikes on the next two pitches and was punched out on a fastball low in the zone. He began arguing with Kulpa and got ejected after his helmet touched Kulpa’s face. Here’s the Torii Hunter ejection video and stick with it for the money shot at the end:

Emptying the ball bag onto the field was the cap to a rare moment for Torii but he certainly got his money’s worth. What really bothered Hunter is the over exaggeration by Kulpa after the helmet bumped him in the face. I’m guessing a suspension is forthcoming but hopefully it won’t be more than a game. Hey, the Angels need all the help they can get in their struggled to get over .500.

Torii Hunter shows some pop, and pops off, for Angels in 4-2 win over Tigers [LA Times]
Video Credit: YouTube user TalkLAsports

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  • Gene

    Hunter deserves the suspension, as mentioned. However, the umpire led him on with his defiant hands on the hips gesture even before his alleged exaggeration about being bumped with the helmet.

    Kulpa threw Hunter out of a game in 2007 and Hunter was already miffed about a call his last time up. It did appear that Kulpa had a very large strike zone for Hunter, having called the first pitch a high strike and the third strike on a very low pitch.

    That being said, Hunter is the team leader. The Angels were winning the game 4-2. The Angels need Hunter on the field for every game to even have a prayer of catching Texas and making the playoffs. There fore Torii should have let it go.

  • SpinMax

    It's your fault, Larry. When I heard about this my first thought was your praise. Next, could you praise Ben Roethlisberger? I hate em

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Haha, I don't have those kinds of magical powers, but if it can do the trick on Big Ben I might have to. That would be tough to find something nice to say about him — I can't stand him either.

  • SpinMax

    Here's hoping Ben's 3rd rape actually gets him in trouble