Torii Hunter: Gay teammate would be ‘difficult and uncomfortable’

Society has progressed when it comes to accepting people for who they are regardless of sexual preference, but sports locker rooms are still a place that have a ways to go.

Boxer Orlando Cruz recently revealed that he is gay, but there has yet to be an NFL, MLB, or NBA player who has come out while he was playing. Houston Texans running back Arian Foster feels people are more accepting these days and doesn’t think it will be much longer before a football player comes out. Athletes who were considering making such a bold move might think again after reading Torii Hunter’s comments.

Hunter is a four-time All-Star and has played in the majors since 1997. He was considered a clubhouse leader with the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels, and he told the Los Angeles Times that having a gay teammate would be “difficult and uncomfortable.”

“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” Hunter told the Times. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

Kevin Baxter, who wrote a lengthy piece for the Times on gays in sports, described Hunter as saying that a gay teammate could divide a team.

It’s a disappointing view from someone who seems to be so great at uniting his teammates. One would think that players would accept a teammate no matter what if the player helped them win games. Perhaps Hunter would change his mind if he learned that one of his past teammates was gay, or if a prominent player came out.

Even though many NFL players have recently said they would not have a problem with a gay teammate, the comments of Hunter and someone like Falcons receiver Roddy White tells us there would still be plenty of skepticism.

UPDATE: Hunter says he was misquoted by the writer.

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  • taijen

    Your religous beliefs do not give you or anyone else the right to “take away” a freedom or right of someone of different beliefs. That is why this country was formed to begin with. You need to stop writing and start reading and educate yourself. Your comments are not only NOT based on fact, there based on the same ignorant predjudice that those that left Europe from being discriminated came here. Only to do the same thing to others who don’t share their faith, religion, color,values and in this case “sexuality”. Knowledge is the key!

  • taijen


  • taijen

    Like I said, “Very entertaining”.

  • taijen

    Well said!

  • taijen

    Whow! It just shows how much we need education in this country. Very sad day in America.

  • taijen

    Sorry for my spelling erors. Yes, if the shoe fits?

  • taijen

    Well let him handle that and move on!

  • taijen

    Ok, bring it!

  • taijen

    Maybe not, but I have a great therepist that I can recommend to you! (ha) I probably didn’t spell that right either lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.shepard.9 Charles Shepard

    I would question why any teammate felt the need to come out of the closet and openly speak about his sexuality. The publicity you are ASKING for is just not for them they are subjecting their teammates to deal with a non-sport related issue. There is no room for making a political statement and become a huge distraction to the team as a whole. Your sexuality is has no room in the locker room and does not help the team at all. Extremely selfish too use your team and the sport as a platform. You may have a teammate that bondage you don’t hear them making announcements and involving the media in their bedroom business.

  • jessie snyder

    “Hetero’s don’t make it there goal in life to shove there sexuality down ” ….I beg to differ that.  A. Thats not a homosexual person’s goal in life. B. If you believe you should keep your business to yourself, then remove all marriage announcements from the newspaper, all forms of public affection should not be tolerated, no couples of any sort on tv.  No interviews or pictures published after big hollywood weddings.  It is oviously not possible to keep “your business” (as you call it) to yourself because the person you love incompasses your life.  So don’t shut out a group of people becaue it makes you uncomfortable.  Why don’t you keep your bigotry to yourself?

  • jessie snyder

    So because it wasn’t put in by the founding fathers it shouldn’t count. Based on that black people should not have rights and women can’t vote. Oprah is gonna be pissed.

    The Bill of Rights are part of the Constitutuion, along with every amendment written there after. “On September 25, 1789, the First Congress of the United States therefore proposed to the state legislatures 12 amendments to the Constitution that met arguments most frequently advanced against it….Articles 3 to 12, however, ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures, constitute the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights.”  The founding fathers knew that times would change and made the Constitution ‘amendable.’

  • jessie snyder

    also thats not the Bill of Rights, its the 14th amendment, the Bill of Rights just covers 1-10

  • Paul Neil

    Kyle, you cannot just quote scripture and think you know it. You have to study it and understand the context and history behind it. Slavery was many times due to someone being poor or someone owing someone. However it is not like the US type of slavery.
    Slaves could go free after 7 years but some remained because they loved who they worked for.
    It rubs people the wrong way but we have to understand that these things were norms and the bible regulated it.
    Other types of slavery were due to a people being punished.

  • jessie snyder

    the majority of this nation does not follow every word and live by them other wise we would not have the crime or divorce rate we have today, nice try.  Many Christians break rules in the Bible but say its okay if you ask forgiveness.  So who choses which ones are forgivable?  Many people have cheated on their spouses and continue to do so.  It may not be you, but to many of your fellow Christians live in sin, do not go to Church and only use the Bible when it benefits them.

  • cva62

     This is the problem with religion!!! People believe what they are raised hearing and don’t think anyone else can be right!!! If GOD really wanted there to be no homosexuals he could have eliminated it from the time man evolved to the level of homosapien!!!  Religion was created to control thoughts and actions to keep people subservient to the beliefs of a paranoid leader who want others to follow them, not unlike Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, Swagert, Baker or Mohammed!!!

    Expose yourself to a wider range of religious and cultural beliefs and you might not be so quick to condemn others actions and lifestyles….GOD is in the 21st century, not still living with the false notions of the 1st century.

  • taijen

    Maybe my earlier reply went to the wrong commentor, because what you are saying in my opinion is very, very true. I hve been in a monogamous, same sex relationship (definitely w/w its hi’s an lo’s) for 31 yrs now. I also believe in Jesus Christ. Oh, and multi-racial, so as you see I can certainly agree with you! Thanks

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QGMHPIBTTJFHK3Q73XJOHTOM74 Louis

    This is really very sad. I thought our species had evolved past this. You know, beliving in fairy tales and then lying about saying you have actually read the “sacred” text of those fairy tales when you clearly havent…….sad.

    I cant wait until we find micro bacteria on Mars or one of Jupiter/saturns moons so the entire religious pyramid scheme will crumble overnight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1104792433 Julie Marie Sayranian

    Realtalk, the bible doesn’t say it’s ok to beat your wife & forbid you to drink. your misinterpreting it like SOOO many other liberal minded folk. Drunkenness is wrong, not drinking. Being the leader of your marriage,doesn’t give you license to beat your wife, it gives you responsibility & should give you  a  feeling of respect for her, that God gave you such a weighty responsibility. Slavery is not ok, I believe God knows us, he knows how greedy we are & what we’ll do. So slavery is a product of greed & power, & almost every culture in history, if they had the ability & chance to take advantage of slavery, did so, that includes white slaves as well. So God made some rules to govern it,  KNOWING that MAN would be deceived by the lust to ensnare his brother & sister. That’s just my opinion. The gay issue is murky, I believe God loves everyone, it’s there business what they do, it doesn’t look good if your gay, from a biblical standpoint, but, I know God loves them, So it’s between them & God. They don’t get involved in my sins or faults(so called) so we shouldn’t be in their business either!!!

  • GodFearer1

    well, you sound like a chick. so your opinion doesn’t matter. try undressing around a dude that sucks wangs & takes it in the butt. & then that dude imagines sucking your wang  & doing you in the butt. that’s totally uncool & unsanitary. poo poo only comes out of the butt, nothing goes in. wangs aren’t sucked by dudes, only chicks. end of story. amen, all praise to the lord almighty.

  • GodFearer1

    it’s not cool in the workplace either, dudes telling me, “nice watch” in the bathroom when i’m using the urinal. it’s unfortunate that i have to report it to h.r. & they have to lose their job but they’re crazed sex fiends; butt bangers, wang whistlers, etc…

  • 52brandon

    that’s a shame he feels that way. But to use the Bible as his reasoning is the lamest excuse ever. something tells me he doesn’t get uncomfortable when a teammate:
    wears a cotton/poly blend
    eats pork
    works on Sunday
    commits adultery
    touches their wife while on her period
    shaves his beard
    doesn’t stone his son for being disrespectful…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2VUWSHSQJPALCHBPXW7QNEZLDU Marissa

    You really not grasping what the majority of Americans matter of fact the Western Hemisphere follows which is Christianity.  God specifically states that homosexuality is a spirit of perversion, it doesn’t mean that a person that practices homosexuality is evil but that there actions are wrong.  You can’t pick and choose what God says is right or wrong. Humans are naturally self destructive and we can’t change that.  We are supposed to show love towards those that live the gay lifestyle but also tell the truth.  They are meant to be married to someoen of the opposite sex and a few (a very few) are not meant to be married.  So if a Christian does show hate that person is wrong and doesn’t represent God. We can’t turn our backs on God say we know what the hell we are doing and expect things to go great and there be peace and equality. Love is love and yes a gay couple can fall in love but that doesn’t make it right.  No different than a 25 year old seducing a 12 year old.  It’s wrong and you can’t sugar coat it.

  • Vince Kluth

    So let me understand this…if being gay is a choice, being straight must be a choice. No?  At what point in your life did you chose to be straight?  We straight people do not get sexually aroused by the same sex.  Did it ever occur to you that gay people do not get aroused by the opposite sex?  Then there are those who get arosed by both…lucky bastards!  Logic?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.gallagher.39545 Sean Gallagher

    I think having an African american teammate would be a distraction…I think it would be a distraction …wonder how he would have felt if he wanted to play pro ball…in the 50’s

  • dessloch

    What an ignorant bigot….how would he like it if blacks were
    given the cold shoulder? I’m neither gay or black or even liberal.
    I’m sick of this shyte!


  • 1chewtonglen

    The truth is even a straight guy can be tempted to do something he hates, because sin has no boudaries…. if you’re straight and a gay guy says have sex with me and I’ll give u ten million dollars, most, not all, most would say okay i’ll do it. Everything has a price……..tori chooses to do it God’s way rather than what man says is ok. having straight sex is great but if you aren’t married God says it’s wrong ……..it’s wrong. We all probably have some gay tendecies I just choose for them to be surpressed and stay there. are killers born to kill. no they choose to kill…..can you kill some one sure you can just let the right situation come a long, where it’s you or him I guarantee he’ll go befor you. because you choose to live. your choice

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.gallagher.39545 Sean Gallagher

    well put mikey

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Bob-Clampett/100001613774026 Peter Bob Clampett

    Maybe he prefers team mates like his son who was arrested for a sex assault  Those are real morals and great family values. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Palmetto-Patriot/1248758243 Palmetto Patriot

    Why is ‘accepting’ every form of degeneracy declared ‘progress’ by the Leftist US media? They always describe society as ‘having a long ways to go’,  as if they know the future. This sort of language is ridiculous. These media types do not know the future. And their values are degenerate.

  • icebull

    I doubt he cares!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQA5CWSACKOUKOCJT575SPJKJI Rodderica

     I agree with that. I am a woman and would not like if another male was in the locker room with me because they identify themselves as a woman. It is just uncomfortable. I have nothing against LGBT, its just what is comfortable for me. I have two sisters who are lesbians and I love them as persons but I do not agree with their lifestyle. They know that but we are fine. One of my closest friends is lesbian and another gay and I have no problem with them or their bf/gf, I just don’t want to know what goes on in their personal lives(sexually that is). They understand that and we are fine. I have my opinion and my truths and they have theirs. I have a right to say how I feel, just like they have the right. I just get frustrated when I see celebrities and others who have to watch what they say and cant express their beliefs because of the possibility of others not liking them anymore. They have a right to say how they feel and shouldn’t have to apologize for it. He didn’t say he didn’t like LGBT community, he just said it would make him uncomfortable. That is a very true statement. He shouldn’t have to be persecuted for saying that. Nobody gets mad when ppl say they don’t like child molesters. You don’t see them rising up and boycotting. Why? Because it is a universal truth for just about everyone. You don’t see ppl who may disagree with them going off. Since when is it wrong to have a different belief than someone else?

  • NeverVoteDemoncrat

    I’m not judging anyone, that is God’s job, but there is right and there is wrong, and in this particular case, Leviticus 20:13 “‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what
    is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own
    heads.  I know that you will say that this is in the Old Testament and that it doesn’t apply anymore because Jesus came and change all that.  No!  He only changed the judgement (put to death) part; he is are final judge.  So reconcile your life and you’ll be O.K. – There you go, easy as pie!