Torii Hunter: Gay teammate would be ‘difficult and uncomfortable’

Society has progressed when it comes to accepting people for who they are regardless of sexual preference, but sports locker rooms are still a place that have a ways to go.

Boxer Orlando Cruz recently revealed that he is gay, but there has yet to be an NFL, MLB, or NBA player who has come out while he was playing. Houston Texans running back Arian Foster feels people are more accepting these days and doesn’t think it will be much longer before a football player comes out. Athletes who were considering making such a bold move might think again after reading Torii Hunter’s comments.

Hunter is a four-time All-Star and has played in the majors since 1997. He was considered a clubhouse leader with the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels, and he told the Los Angeles Times that having a gay teammate would be “difficult and uncomfortable.”

“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” Hunter told the Times. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

Kevin Baxter, who wrote a lengthy piece for the Times on gays in sports, described Hunter as saying that a gay teammate could divide a team.

It’s a disappointing view from someone who seems to be so great at uniting his teammates. One would think that players would accept a teammate no matter what if the player helped them win games. Perhaps Hunter would change his mind if he learned that one of his past teammates was gay, or if a prominent player came out.

Even though many NFL players have recently said they would not have a problem with a gay teammate, the comments of Hunter and someone like Falcons receiver Roddy White tells us there would still be plenty of skepticism.

UPDATE: Hunter says he was misquoted by the writer.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7AFJOEJW3U4GDFZJRIDANVC3M4 Wes

    Why can’t you righty’s (or whatever you are) be tolerant to someone’s intolerance of another’s intolerance?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1196194483 Kevin Mercado

    Born & raised Roman Catholic & you know what my teaching have taught me is to look at everyone how I wish to be looked upon ,treat all alike ,be kind ,caring , love those around you no matter who they are or what they believe . cause weather in the locker room  ,boardroom ,corporate gym or public gym  we all put our pants ,snickers on  one leg at a time  .

  • senior153

    Ah, Mr Hunter…I guess the world is for and all about you only.  I guess that’s typical of a religeous bigot person’s beliefs.  What would you do if a relative of your’s came out.  What would you do to that person phsically, thrash him, since you are the only one whom shall decide how someone else should live. 
    There’s an article on the internet here today regarding the Pakstani bans in their country,  Their different bans on various subjects and punishments should tickle your fancy.  You go “Mr. Bigot”.  There has always been “Bigots” and I guess there will alway be, maybe with time, there will be less and less.  We hope.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CXGQOBBII4ZJUGSKDFN25ZRKKM Mike

    I’ve taught all my kids that ANY gay sexual activity is a sin, and just isn’t natural.  But then, I was a good dad, not like a typical cold, unloving dad of a gay person. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CXGQOBBII4ZJUGSKDFN25ZRKKM Mike

    I’m sorry your gay lover stretched out your colon a bit too much, and made you choke so much that your brain was seriously deprived of O2.  Please don’t procreate…oh, I guess you can’t, since you like little boys.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CXGQOBBII4ZJUGSKDFN25ZRKKM Mike

    Oh, so the WNBA proves women are equal? 
    It’s a dike league, as you know.
    BTW, my wife is smoking hot, we live in a 5 bdrm home, and I love my mom. Eat sh!t.

  • Lou Libra

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and no where did I read that Torry advocates discrimination as read in some of the replys. If he has never been-in or had contemplated such a situation I can see why he’d feel uncomfortable. Don’t alot of people go through an uncomfortable phase once they find out they have gay relatives/friends/acquaintences ? The important part is that because you know them as a person, it later becomes a “so-what”…live and let live situation.

    What I don’t like is when people try to change others religious beliefs or visa versa their orientation ?

    Good luck in Detroit Torii !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000577456381 Steve Okel

    In the Old testament the majority of the time it refers to slaves it is not speaking of forced slavery.Many people were slaves to pay off debt and it was usually for a limited time unless they choose to be a bond servant.

  • fewiz

    Dang, you jump this guy with a bunch of assumptions of his thoughts and intentions.  And guess what?  I read those same words and assumed something completely different.   Maybe you should look at yourself – you seem a zealot, too lost in your own anger and too quick to point fingers.

    The “truth” Lawman refers to, from my reading, is Hunter saying what he truly feels.  The man spoke his mind, he made a strong stand on his principles, rather than spewing the cliche BS most people would offer.  I inferred that Lawman respected him for that but read nothing that inferred Lawman either agreed or disagreed with those principles.  But then, I prolly read it that way because that’s what I thought of Hunter.

    Compare it to the way you are standing up for your principles.  Hunter has the same passion and strength of conviction but does not have the irrational rage and immaturity you display.  If you understand the difference, you might understand why Hunter is a huge success and considered a leader in every locker room he’s been in, and you are…well, let’s just say I doubt you get much respect.

    BTW, while I’m not a Christian and do not, therefore, share Hunter’s convictions, I could understand why some hetero men would not want to be getting naked in a locker room with a gay guy, and how it could have a divisive effect on the team.  And I don’t think it’s unfair or discrimination for the hetero to feel that way, no more than a woman might feel uncomfortable showering with a bunch of male teammates.


  • 1chewtonglen

    if a player is in the shower do you not think a gay man would probably be looking at him in a sexual manner?….. possibly……..staright men don’t want gay men looking or touching them becasue that’s not normal to them.  Most people believe there is a GOD most people believe that homosexuality is wrong according to God’s standards not man.   However we tend to accept it cause that’s your choice…..but straight men would perfer you keep your sex life private………. how many straight men you know shout to the public  HEY IM STRAIGHT?  I know of none.  why is it important for gays to come out the closet?  if you gay okay but  don’t force ur gay lifestyle on others.  it’s like a black man trying to join the kkk…….why would a black want to join such an organization if they hate your guts…………last thing if you believe in God and God says homosexuality is wrong how can you descriminate against a law God says shouldn’t be in tack  in the first place? it’s like a cop givin you a ticket for  speeding on the moon when there is no posted speed limit. 

  • 1chewtonglen

    what bible did you read?  the homosexual version??

  • 1chewtonglen

    I’m laughing at your comment that gays are born that way……if you do proper research you will also learn that gays who end up in jail or prison usually are convicted because of violent crimes………is that a part of being gay …….violence?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Davis/100002457378631 Anthony Davis

    It says anyone who ever had sex before marriage or outside of marriage is going to hell. That most likely means you, and your mama and papa.

  • taijen

    If there is a Stupid Gene, u definitly have that!  Let’s see your A– go back 2thousand yrs ago livin the way you live ?

  • taijen

    Another igit!!

  • taijen

    When exactly did “GOD” say or “write” anything? please explain?

  • junebug1970

    Clearly, the anonimity of the internet(s) has gone to the heads of many a bible thumper…I bet none of you godly folk would talk like that in person. Keep your fairy tales and cult beliefs to yourselvs. You do know that most of the people reading this thread are reminded of why they left the church when they read your ridiculous beliefs words don’t you? religion is not for people who are complex thinkers. Only the weak minded, who are affraid to think for themselves, believe the scriblings of a bunch of desert dwelling, self involved, control freaks. The Golden Rule should be all we need. But that isn’t very christian is it? The idea of thinking before you act and not doing anything you would not want done to yourself or your family. The majority of us have evolved (Capitol E!!) into people who can think for ourselves and know right from wrong without flipping through a very old and, in todays world, usless book filled with fear, hate and manipulation of the ignorant to keep the rich rich and the stupid even more stupid than the desert dwelling tribesmen who wrote it…so i guess one could say it is still working. The rich are more rich and the stupid are breeding more stupidity than ever before (see above for proof of stupid). I’m sure you don’t know that many of your rituals have pagan origins and that jesus and the whole story were nothing more than a copy and paste job of epic scale, put together from 3 to 5 different, previous religions? even to lazy to think up original myths to go with the mythical man. Even Dec 25th is a recycled birthday for deities going back to Summeria*, Ptolamaic and Pagan “gods”.  I know I am forgetting a few other religions used to make the stolen stories complete. P.S. The pope is a nazi and god is an absentee landlord. If mankind is his best work he must be knocking off early and hitting the booze too hard to put in a full day. I’d really like to read what Lilith thought of the old man upstairs…she was too uppity to be adam’s wife. Because she had courage and curiosity, she was booted out. All because of one word I bet. That one word is the most simple of questions…Why?

  • taijen

    Love is love, keep on loving oneanother and let the “haters” hate.  The lord above loves us all, and all the “Bible thumpin” is not going to change that. God bless the children!

  • taijen


  • taijen

    R u foreal dude? I feel so f n sad for your children! whow, we still have Neanterthals in existance?

  • junebug1970

    If it is so unnatural as you claim then why do all the positions work? Some of them very well indeed, I must say. If you believe it’s a sin then you must have only had relations with your wife (or rape victim if you chose to marry her) to procreate right? Otherwise you are going to hell with the rest of us according to your holy bable. I’ll take “The Life of Brian” over your silly book of fairy tales any day. At least we are told that “The Life of Brian” was fictional from the begining…. it still amazes me that there are so many people who are so horridly stupid in the face of proven science and facts. I see that head in ass syndrome is still the main ingredient of christianity. Free thinking not allowed! Plus, can’t you just confess and be washed clean every sunday? What’s the point of confessing if you don’t get anything for your time? Sounds like a huge waste to me.  Much like education it to you people. Not going to use it anyway, or not allowed to, so why bother to have it. Right?

  • junebug1970

    I have never demanded anything for you or anyone like you other than distance. You DO push you sexuality on everyone. Ever see a commercial Mr 1491? You sexuality is everywhere and plastered on everything. I would never seek or demand approval from someone I consider to be less than a whole person such as yourself. It would mean nothing to me. Your outdated, hate filled, bloated, overgrown cult do nothing but keep people stupid and fearful. You listen to a man who sits on a golden throne, who is dressed in the finest silken gowns and hats, has lots of expensive symbolic jewelry, big white candles, perfumed oils and incense and has another group of men dressed up in fine red silks taking care of his every need and desire…yeah, nothing gay about that whole set up at all…

  • junebug1970

    Wow! good for Mikey, you have a 30 year note on a house you can’t afford and a wife (so you say) that’s hot, which if she is with you, means she is either dumb as a post or blind. I hope that way before the house is paid off your “wife” will have gotten sick of the 200 words you know and be with a real man who can think and write above the 4th grade level. She deserves it after putting up with you for any amount of time. And one who can satisfy her without use of a 4 AA batteries… You are the epitome of “The Jersey Shore” cast, accept for the hot bodies and teeth and money and talent. You sound even more stoo-pid than the avarage fugly guido…sub-human, but life in any case.  I just hope you are shootong blanks or are 11 years old. Actually both because the world does not need any more of your kind getting everything all greasy and filthy with your stubby boy fingers and you stunted guido brain. If you are 11 years old (physically), [11 years old mentally is a given] it’s time to grow up little boy. If you really are an adult; I’ve flicked smarted stuff off my two front teeth with my thumb nail… I bet he won’t get that one. Now go to bed Mikey. I think you have school tomorrow. I know you should have school tomorrow, even if you are physically an adult. And PLEASE use comdoms… What am I saying??LMFAO!…like you ever have a chance with a woman, no woman would have you.. self respecting or otherwise. You are .like Arny from Roseanne… You remember him right? The one all the womnen vowed never to give a chance to breed?  I’ve spent enough time on you. and now I am done with your dumb ass.  Unless you reply that is. I love a good flirt ;) 

  • 1peteacher

    Why do you use Alabama? You are making judgements yourself. We will all be judged in the end for our own actions ( you included).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Salas/785754217 Andy Salas

    Anyone who takes the Bible or “God” seriously is not smart. Basing your opinions on things that have no credibility, or even worse, things for whose existence there is no evidence whatsoever, is the most ridiculous and archaic thing possible. People need to start using their brains, look around at other people and learn about the real world, and leave mythology behind. 

  • junebug1970

    You are truley the king of the morons and grand dragon of inbred teabillys everwhere. I too pray that you cannot breed and if you can I hope your children leave at an early age and go to a city read and learn about the 20th and 21st centuries. After that you won’t be able to pull them back into your web of stupidity and hate. I wish you didn’t even have power so you could never be online. Stupid old bastard that is no good to anyone or anything. Unless you count fertilizer and even then you would be poison.

  • rjones84


  • rjones84

    Look at the 14th amendment where it states that Congress no state shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  • junebug1970

    Most of what I have read here makes me sick and sad that our nation is still being held hostage by ignorance and religion. And I too am glad that the right wingnut teabilly mouthbreathers are losing bodied and ground. No wonder women don’t like men. all this bs because of some MLB player/hater with a crush on jesus. We should not look to them a role models. They are for sport and nothing more. But because they are rich we look up to them for reasons that escape me. Most of them are not very smart, to be polite, and much less than model citizens. Which it appears, is why some of you rightwing bible thumers gravitate to them. To you they are smart and you think you will be rich some day so you look up to them. Well I hate to tell ya, but to the average American they are not admired for their smarts. Only the idiots among us think most of them are smart. And if you think you will be rich like them without their skills you are even more stupid than most of the country thinks you are. If only there were no god myths of any kind… the world would be a much better and more inteligent place.

  • Charles Hople

    If you are going to quote the bible don’t take what it says out of context, and twist it to fit your needs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ann.barrentine.5 Ann Rice Barrentine

    I personally support Hunter b/c I am a follower of Christ, the  One who walked in love and light towards all, but/and who stood for the truth as the Father had revealed it to the point of dying at the hands of the Romans and Jews to save my life. 
    I was quite “liberal” at one point, and still am in some ways, but I have come to accept two basic things relevant here – 1) that God’s ways are higher than mine, and my two bit brain cannot see all of the consequences for choosing a path that goes against New Testament teaching; as I have come to trust the God of the Bible, much confusion and what I see now as dark harmful thinking has dissipated, and the light has made certain issues clearer.
    2) The heterosexual morality of the New Testament is for our protection and greatest  fulfillment. Without that standard, we will eventually have an “anything goes” belief system such as was in the Roman Empire and many other societies,  and I personally do NOT want pedophilia, gang rape, sex w/ animals, etc etc to be  the accepted norm.
    You doubt that? I am old enough to have  seen the big  changes in accepted sexual morals that has occurred from the 50’s to the present. It can happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MFBSBSMJOPXYKQ7TMPYI6U5MRM Rob Carpenter

    the bible says a LOT more about divorce the it does gay stuff.  would hunter be uncomfortable having a divorced teammate, I mean, since he had the christian upbringing and all…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MFBSBSMJOPXYKQ7TMPYI6U5MRM Rob Carpenter

    not one word of this “word of god” was written by a god.  all the faith you have in a god is actually faith in the humans that wrote the bible.  Moses, Paul, Ezra, Matthew, Luke, et al, are your gods.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MFBSBSMJOPXYKQ7TMPYI6U5MRM Rob Carpenter

    Wasn’t Torii Hunter’s son arrested on a sexual assault or something a while back?  is that christian?

  • maxfrost

    You’re trying really hard and we know what you’re doing…so stop.   He never mentioned God or the bible or slavery.  YOU mentioned that.  You seem seriously repressed.  Maybe, just maybe, there are people that don’t feel comfortable with homosexuality that aren’t religious, and they express their opinion.  They have a right too without being called homophobes.  Just because a person doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them negative or “bad”.  You can do whatever you want to do, just don’t get mad when someone has a different opinion and disagrees with you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CCL4TUFPXHSB5BMXWLOQX4OOJI J Hunt


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CCL4TUFPXHSB5BMXWLOQX4OOJI J Hunt


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CS34UQPZIG45FTLORMP52HQDBE VashTheStampede

    Wow you went in on Lawman because he said something about the previous comment. But in sports having a gay person around would be uncomfortable. Its not anything against them just what has been taught in society doesnt change over night. In a locker room setting guys could end up without clothes on from showering or in general are in a more relaxed atomsphere. Guys will never be comfortable with the thought of another guy looking at them. Gay is a sexually orientation and it shouldnt be thrown in my face. My favorite is doggy style but im not a doggy styler so if my sexcaspades arent put on the fore front why should anyone elses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brewer.james.7 Brewer James

    Why is it disappointing? I applaud him. I’m tired of everyone saying it’s normal, it’s not! It’s biologically wrong and it’s biblically wrong! I’m fe up with all this PC crap. By the way I’m sure Tori is losing lots of sleep that you’re not a big fan of his because he’s not on the homo band wagon

  • http://www.facebook.com/brewer.james.7 Brewer James

    Really? You’re trying to say choosing to be a homosexual is the same as being born a person of color. Nice try! Don’t try to equate a person choosing a deviant sexual lifestyle and those who are born as a people of color.

  • junebug1970

    No one follows the laws of the bible anymore. We have learned that they constrict life’s pleasures. Even simple pleasures like good food or a book other than the bible would have been seen as sin because everything was done for the glory of god. We are lucky that society does not operate in the same way anymore. The Golden Rule is all we should really need but because of the human condition we are not all we could be. I know i’m not and it sounds the same for most of the rest of you. The reason for the lackings of humanity  can be traced back to 1 book written by a few hundred people over 2,000 years ago, stealing from other religions heavily. The best things for mankind will come when we finally shake off all religions and put them on the same shelf with the easter bunny and santa claus and all the ancient gods who are now considered myth because a new myth has taken over. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world wises up to the fact that we are on our own. If we are god’s best work it seems he is an under-achiever with a huge lack of self worth…wanting everyone to do everything for him…sounds lazy too. he only ever put in 6 days of work or something like that right? How anyone believe that nonsense I will never know 

  • junebug1970

    Brainwashed from an early age I’m guessing. I went to church once at about 10 years old and even then it sounded to me like the preaching of fear and control. But then, I come from a very physically abusive set of  drunken parents, so I know when someone is trying to control me through fear and/or violence and threats. I never went back because I had enough control and hate going on at home and I wanted to enjoy what little time I had to myself and not spend it listening to old dusty myths that refuse to die because of weak minded people who only see 1 tree at a time while in the forest of life.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird

    Not of any importance!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird

    Let’s not be STUPID! Do I need to expalin?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird

    Throne? Or, do you mean commode?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird

    That stuff off your front teeth, where did it cum from?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPEIIMRCNTLRBUOZIC6QC5T7QM de-sean

    Ok, first off let me educate you all.  Scientifically speaking it is impossible to be born homosexual.  Gay is not a term to be used interchangeable with the term homosexual.  Wasn’t until the 20th century that the Europeans decided to give it a positive connotation to it, so it wouldn’t sound so harsh.  Some  do in fact have chemical imbalances at birth that others “think” would possibly turn them gay.  Do your research my friend.  Secondly, the term “Black” does not describe a race or ethnicity, nor does it have a lineage attached to it.  There is no such thing as an African American either.  I highly suggest that you pick up books and read about HISTORY before you start battling with misinformed information.  And lastly, Jesus name is Yeshua.  Jesus was a name that of course the Europeans gave to him for the sake of their own personal gain.  Yeshua did NOT accept homosexuals, but he did make it very clear that we must separate the sin from the person.  Therefore, it is totally fine for someone to say that they do not accept it.  The Chick Fila owner voiced his opinion, and people like you jumped all over him.  It is you that think living in constant sin will somehow change God’s heart because of how you live.  I can assure you that you will be sadly mistaken.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ENJQF465CTTLFXBO6L4LJ355BM Dale Bird

    gay man’s what?

  • rjcool

    Enough already, I believe Torii was misquoted. Torii said the Christian side of him would have a problem, but the human side will find acceptance. That’s how most religious people feel. These so-called journalists are trying desperately to put a story out there; they (journalist) are struggling with all the blogs and online stories nowadays, so it’s tough for them and many lie or exaggerate the story to get ratings.