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Saturday, April 21, 2018

High school pitcher Ty Buttrey could be banned from graduation after missing rehearsal to be drafted by Red Sox

Providence High School (Charlotte, N.C.) pitcher Ty Buttrey skipped his graduation rehearsal for a chance to live out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: being drafted by a Major League Baseball team. Most sports fans would support Buttrey’s decision, but the administration at Providence is not so understanding.

Because of a school district rule, Buttrey reportedly may not be allowed to walk at his graduation on Tuesday after missing the rehearsal. It’s a ruling that his principal is upholding for now.

Buttrey, 19, was selected by the Red Sox in the fourth round (151st overall) of the MLB Draft on Monday. His family was under assumption that he needed to be available when he was drafted even though an MLB spokesman told WBTV that is not true. Buttrey and his family tried to work out an exception for him, including asking for the chance to use his phone during rehearsal in the event he were drafted, but school officials wouldn’t make any accommodations. So, with the blessing of his dad, he skipped out on the practice altogether.

“I told him I don’t care what the teachers say or the principal say,” his father, Dan Buttrey, told WBTV. “This is more important than that. I’m not going to deal with the administrators of Providence High School versus my son signing a million-dollar contract with the Boston Red Sox.”

The school district’s rule does allow for some students to be excused under extenuating circumstances, but, according to the family, Providence’s principal Tracey Harrill denied their requests for Ty to be excused (maybe Harrill could be best friends with the principal at Fort Myers Catholic).

This is just another example of high schools making a big deal out of nothing when it comes to graduation rehearsals. Graduation rehearsal was the biggest waste of time I experienced as a high school senior (even more so than attending those classes in which I wasn’t no longer trying after I was accepted to college).

There’s nothing they tell you at graduation practice that can’t be addressed in an email. Line up alphabetically outside. Diploma left hand. Shake hands with the right. There’s a reason colleges don’t even bother practicing their own commencement ceremonies.

Harrill, however, dismissed the claim that the Buttreys have previously reached out to her but said she will meet with them in the future.

“The parents assumed that [Buttrey] would not participate in the ceremony without having a conversation with the principal prior to the rehearsal.

“Graduations are a milestone and should be a memorable event for all families. I look forward to meeting with the [Buttrey’s] parents to discuss the matter at hand.”

If things don’t work out for Buttrey in the end, he shouldn’t worry. Bryce Harper will tell you getting your diploma is overrated anyway.

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